AJ came over Friday night for a sleepover, which makes me unable to resist pulling out and adding to my Sleepover Anthology:

April 2008: DSC07490
November 2008:IMG_4575
March 2009: IMG_8476
June 2009: IMG_0178
And finally, January 2010:IMG_7333

Do you think they’ll still let me put them in matching jammies and take their pictures when they’re fifteen?

And OhMyGoodness they are already WAY closer to fifteen than I’m able or willing to adjust to.

I seriously cannot believe how un-babyish they are proving themselves to be, playing Candyland with no adult help,

(with a little Twister spice thrown in to liven it up a bit):

AJ’s crazy-long-and-thick, gorgeous, not-at-all-toddler-like hair,

Sleeping in the same room, in big girl beds, and ACTUALLY SLEEPING,IMG_7338

Listening to them making up stories about fighting bad guys, planning parties and marrying Princes,

singing songs together nearly on pitch,

having tickle fights,

teaching each other how to cuss (Ali: “Hey AJ – say ‘AWWW MAN!!!’” … AJ: “AWWW MAN!!!” … Ali: “Good job!! AWWW MAN!!!!”),

and in general interacting like REAL LIVE LITTLE GIRLS.


If little girls weren’t so stinkin’ fun, this growing up thing would make me all mushy and sentimental.


11 thoughts on “Freeze-Frame.

  1. I can't even tell you how much I love it! I've moved around fairly steadily my entire life. The idea of having a lifelong friend seems foreign in the extreme. Foreign…but very much desired. I love seeing the friendship between the two of them. It is a precious and priceless gift!

  2. I love that you have documented it. I have similar picks of Abby and Claire… thanks to Lydia of course. It is great to see our kids grow special bonds with our friends' kids! Julie

  3. I love their sleepover pictures! They both look like such big girls!
    You probably won't have to MAKE them wear matching PJ's when they're 15, they will probably want to match on their own! My best friend and I bought several matching shirts/dresses/etc when we were in middle & high school :)

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