So my eyes have been really annoying lately.

They’ve been dry and burny and extraordinarily sensitive to light and computer monitors (which isn’t very helpful in my overly-geeky lifestyle).

I’ve been seeing an Eye Doctor and she’s been trying things to get them back to normal, which has included some uber-expensive steroid drops that I have the privilege of self-administering four times a day.

Yes, I admit it. I, too, use steroids. Too bad that I’m not breaking any blogging records or winning any accounting championships due to it.

As a part of this whole process, my doc tested my eyesight, and thinks that my slightly-off vision might have something to do with my eye strain.

At first, I was skeptical. I’m used to hearing people’s vision being crazy digits like 20/300 (or maybe I’m just married and related to really blind people), so 20/30 didn’t seem like that big of a deal to me.

However, they keep getting more painful despite my ‘roids, so I finally decided that it was time to get myself some glasses. At least to use when I am at the computer.

So I went shopping.

Ashley and AJ met Ali and I at the mall, so I got their help in the final decision making process.

Except that with every decision, Ashley very decisively picked the opposite one from me.

And when I’d give Ali and AJ a “Do you like A, B, C, or D the best?” option, they would both yell, “I like Z the best!!!”

But finally, after wading through the confusion and differing opinions, we all settled on this pair:IMG_7065
I was finally happy with my choice, but then I let Ali and AJ try them on, and I remembered the rule that NOTHING will EVER look as cute on me as they will look on them, including glasses,


and ESPECIALLY Purple-And-Pink-Sparkly-Velour-Leotards.


16 thoughts on “Eye Shopping

  1. Good choice.I wear reading glasses but,when I'm using the computer I wear sunglasses sometimes.They help a lot.

  2. Love them! I have an eye appt. Monday and can't wait to pick out some new glasses. Of course, I've been wearing glasses since 6th grade so it's not a new adventure.

  3. Cute glasses, and you will be suprised at how much better your eyes and the headaches you will have now that you have glasses. I started out with just reading glasses but my vision got just bad enough to need them all the time. Although like you I didn't realize it until I had glasses. I hope you can stick with just reading glasses.

  4. Oooooh! Those glasses are awesome. I had some sunglasses like that once and really, really liked them. Good choice!

  5. I am BLIND, so I am always jealous when people can just go to the store and get some. They are super cute though!

  6. Love the Ali pic…she is too adorable! I like your new glasses! I just got new ones too that are pretty similar. I lost a contact when we were at T's parents and had to wear the new glasses for about four days straight, but they were surprisingly comfortable. Hope yours work out well too!

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