After much angst about what sort of Birthday Cake to make or buy for Ali, I decided to go with my bloggy friend Erica’s idea and make Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes.

However, on round one, I didn’t follow the directions very well and they erupted:


Round two was much more attractively shaped:


I got them all baked yesterday, but was so unbelievably past the point of exhaustion last night that I decided to go to bed earlier than I’ve been to bed since I was Ali’s age (8:24pm, if you’re wondering) and get up early to make my icing and decorate my creations.

However, around 11pm, I woke up and about had a panic attack at how in the world I was going to get all of the ice cream cones to the party without them falling over….ice cream cones full of cake aren’t very stable, and they have a tendency to domino…badly.

I finally managed to quell my deep, dark anxieties and fall back asleep.

This morning, I made my two batches of icing and prepared them for their journey as best as I could:

IMG_6855(That picture makes me want to work a jigsaw puzzle.)

Although I stayed stressed out all the way to the location of the party (Ali’s Gymnastics) as I tried to intricately balance the container of cupcakes in my lap, I managed to only let about 10 of them fall over with minimal decoratorial damage, thanks to the huge cake container my Mom donated to my sanity cause.

First on the agenda of the party: Gymnastics, of course.

As soon as they all started playing, I realized that there was something realllllly funky with my camera: spots. I don’t know why, but it only happened in the gym. Just my Luck.

Ali showed off on her favorite apparatus, the bar…


And her friends taught HER a few tricks.


Greg helped the kids do mega flips..


And they came out only slightly damaged.


AJ, braver than Ali, took off to run and jump in “The Pit”:

…but she had to pause and consider the risks before she took the plunge…


However, she managed to find it within herself to brave the frightening jump!

IMG_6905(Which did not, in any way, make Ali feel the need to try out The Pit.)

The kids got to try out the Olympic trampolines, again the big kids showing Ali how to REALLY take off:


But Ali held her own and jumped pretty impressively.


At the end, they all lined up to jump in the pit…

Held hands, and jumped!


Except for Ali, of course. And her self-proclaimed-boyfriend Ethan, who stayed behind to “keep her company”.

(By the way, if you’re wondering about the shirtless gentlemen, they were upset that their sister got to take her pants off and just wear her leotard, so the compromise was that they could go Rambo.)

We headed upstairs to eat, and the cupcakes were a hit!


Even the Grandparents liked them…


Until I showed up with the camera.


Ali blew out her candles…


And then handed out party favors.


The kids had a great time with their treats, especially the slinkies, which make great nose rings…


And having the good fortune to get outfit-coordinating lip-gloss.IMG_7008

Well, the kids who didn’t get their party favors taken away enjoyed them, anyway.


Ali was surrounded with lots of willing hands to help for present opening..


And so after she was done, she took her favorite blinkedy birthday card and sought some solace.


AJ joined her and was supportive of her need for silence.


After the party was over and we headed to Chick-Fil-A to get some lunch, Ali decided that she needed something worse than she needed food:IMG_7010
Partying just wears a girl out like nothing else, you know?IMG_7015

Birthday Stats:

13 Kids 1-6 years old
4 Babies
11 Parents
5 Grandparents and Great-Grandparent
1 Godmother
46 Cupcakes (2 fell in the line of duty)
0 Injuries

And for some reason, I’m sitting here writing this blog post instead of napping with Ali.


20 thoughts on “Celebratacular

  1. I had the SAME spots when I took pictures in the gym, I kept wiping off my camera lens b/c I thought it was dirty…that's so weird! Guess the air in the gym is a little dirty?!? Or, maybe it's just dust from the white chalk that the gymnasts use :)
    It was a wonderful party, tons of fun for the kids & adults!
    I was wondering why the Blevins' boys didn't have their shirts on, but that explanation makes perfect since!
    The ice cream cupcakes were delicious!
    That picture of Ali laying down at Chick-fil-a is adorable, partying wears a girl out! Hope she takes a nice, long nap so you can get some rest too!

  2. Remember when I told you I had a friend who took her son to gymnastics?

    Well, this is the gym they go to and she had him a b'day party there last year.

    Happy B'day sweet Ali!

  3. Yay! You get major mommy points for throwing the perfect birthday party! It looks like everyone had a great time! Those cupcake cones were adorable!!! I love the pic of Ali and her balloons. Such a sweet birthday girl! Now you have a whole year before you have to do it again. Hahaha:)

  4. You are truly super mom! I can't believe you survived and posted about it all on the same day. I am humbled and bow before you.

    Our gymnastics place is just like that. The pit is awesome! I always want to jump in and try. I've heard they use pits like that for physical therapy for patients because wading through is such a workout.

    The very last pic is awesomely representative of what sounds like a perfect day. Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl!

  5. Hello Wonder Woman!

    Looks like all of you had a great time! Ali looked so cute and the cupcakes are a great idea.

  6. Very cool. Do they let you have a party their even if you are not a registered class member. We do like the inflatables places but Jack's favorite part is the bouncing. He loves trampolines and I wonder if we could get him to jump in the pit!
    Great job with the cupcakes! Looks like it was awesome party!!!

  7. Wow…it's obviously been too long since I've been to Chick-fil-a! I didn't even know there were couchy things there! Amazing…

    I'm loving that gym where your party was. It looks so fun and perfect for little ones! I'm already looking into places like that for when we head back this fall. Thanks for all the great pictures and fun recap!

  8. Thanks for a super time! You have sold Abby on the idea of gymnastics over ballet… for now. I also love the pic of Ali with the Ballons. Julie

  9. Wow! What a great party! My mom used to make those cupcake ice cream cones. That takes me back!!! Want to send some my way for old times sake? Haha!

  10. How fun!! I'm very glad the party was sucessful!!
    And great job on the ice cream cone cupcakes! I love those!!

  11. You pooped Ali out ha ha ha.

    What a fun birthday party. My mother always tried to bribe me into not having parties by telling me I would get more presents. I only remember having 2-3 birthday parties but they were so much fun. Ali's such a lucky girl to have a momma who spoils her.

  12. I like the idea of ice cream cone cupcakes. I'm just wondering how I've managed to let 5 kids ages 13 down to 8 get by without me ever running across the idea, let alone make them. I might have to try it. How did you like them, besides the potential for great domino effect mishaps that is?

    Seeing Ali and her birthday party at the gymnastics place brought me back to a memory in which we had the same kind of party for Braaten. It was a lot of fun.

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