As far as I can tell, everybody looks like SOMEBODY. If you’ve never been stopped by a complete stranger or a new acquaintance for them to ask “Has anyone ever told you that you look JUST like…?”, then you must be the most uniquely featured person on the planet.

And I mean that in a good way, of course.

I really think that most of the time when people say that, they are just picking up on one or two key features that remind them of other people. In fact, it used to drive me crazy that people would say “Ali looks JUST LIKE Chris!!”, when really she had all of my features but one – his very characteristic (and beautiful) eye shape.

I have heard fairly regularly that I look like four different people, although some comparisons are not so appreciated as others.

So, for review, here I am:IMG_2398

And now, people that “they” say I look like:

1. The one that I WISH “they” were right about:

Alexis Bledel (Gilmore Girls, Tuck Everlasting, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants). I would LOVE to look like her, but alas, I don’t think they remember quite how stunningly gorgeous she is: Alexis Bledel

Alexis Bledel2

Alexis Bledel3

Ha. Not even close. But I wish.

2. The one old enough to be my Grandmother:

Ali MacGraw (Love Story). A lot of people thought I looked like her when I was a young teenager (probably before Mom taught me how to mow pluck my eyebrows), so Mom rented “Love Story” for me to see.

Unfortunately for her, she forgot how unbelievably foul-mouthed Ali MacGraw was in that movie, so I didn’t get to see the horribly sad ending. Darn.

Ali Macgraw

Ali Macgraw2

3. The one that if you agree with, I will never speak to you again:

Gretchen Wilson (Country Singer). Seriously – I am not IN THE LEAST desirous of looking like the self-proclaimed epitome of the Redneck Woman. Please, PLEASE no.

Gretchen Wilson

Gretchen Wilson2
4. The only one I ever agreed with “them” about:

Meg White from The White Stripes (Rock band). It’s not quite as obvious in these pictures, but when I saw their music video Seven Nation Army, I would have totally believed it was me if I knew how to play drums..




So…which one DO I look like, if any? Just don’t say Gretchen Wilson. Unless that you want me to tell you that YOU look JUST like Jocelyne Wildenstein:

The Cat Woman

I’m sorry- I didn’t mean to make you throw up your thanksgiving leftovers. I promise – you look NOTHING like Mrs. W. Just don’t have twenty-eleven plastic surgeries and I think you’ll be just fine.

But more importantly, who DO you get told that you look just like?

28 thoughts on “Has Anyone Ever Told You That You Look JUST Like…

  1. I think you look just like Gretchen Wilson.Except your hip aren't as wide.:)I've been told that I look like Brandy,Halle Berry (I wish) and Janet Jackson.I've been told I look like Brandy a lot.

  2. I would say you look most like the last girl from the white stripes I think, but I can see some from the gilmore girl,since I think she is of Greek Hertiage too. But definitey not Gretchen Wilson.

    I have never been told I look like anyone that I can think of. No matter which side of the family we are visiting my sister always looks like either my mom or dad.

  3. I totally see the Alexis Bledel, mostly the hair but I think it's also the shape of your face. I don't see the Gretchen Wilson at all, but I do see the Love Story actress one. I've never seen that movie and don't know who she is.

    At least you get compared to celebrities, I don't think that's ever happened to me…except Princess Jasmine. Haha. I usually just get the, "You look like my second cousin's best friend's sister."

  4. That woman scares me!

    I can see Gretchen Wilson for sure. The last one… not so much.

    I've been told that I look like Helen Hunt. Not seeing that one at all! Not having to do with looking like someone else, I was called Carol Burnett growing up because of my first name. How goofy is that?

  5. There is something about the first picture that makes you favor Gretchen Wilson. That is the only one though so I think it's just the picture.

    I hear all of the time I look like various family members but I don't see it. I think it is my hair color.

  6. I still say, except for eye color you look like Alexis Bledel.Leo and I have always said that and still do. You do look like the drummer that of course I have never heard of. Do you like my grammar? Hey, how would you like to be told you look like the mother on That 70's show? YUK.

  7. I get told that I look like Jodie Foster and when I was younger people said Penelope Ann Miller (who?) and on a few occasions I get Joan Cusack so if I were you, I'd consider myself blessed!

  8. just a reminder…Joan Cusack was George's girlfriend in Seinfeld on an episode and she was considered Jerry Seinfeld in the girl version…once again, consider yourself blessed – at least you weren't told that you look like Jerry Seinfeld!

  9. I think you look the most like the last one. I forget her name. I've been told I look like claire danes, and most recently like Sarah Palin, but I don't see it in either of them.

  10. ACK! How did you get my first of the morning picture? Have you been stalking me again??

    You, my dear, are absolutely gorgeous so don't be saying Alexis Bledel is something you are not. I don't really think you look like any of these women.

  11. I can see a lot of you in that last picture…NO not the one of lip lady…the last one of Meg.

    I get told I look like a lot of people…sarah michelle gellar, heather graham, calista flockhart, andie macdowell and the chick who plays esme in twilight.

    Fun post!:D

  12. I see hints of everybody, Rachel, but mostly door number 4. None are as radiant as you though. I have been told repeatedly that I look like Leslie Schrushy. Huh…maybe if I lost 50 pounds..!

  13. I get told I look like Alexis Bledel a lot too. Does that mean you and I look alike? =)
    I think you look the most like the drummer.
    Lauren McKerley

  14. I think I will have nightmares from that last picture. Thanks.

    I think if I had to pick I would say a combination of Alexis and Meg. Yes, I know that wasn't a choice. Yes, I just made it one. :)

    I get told I look like Julia Roberts, whom I don't think is attractive at all, unless you like oversized lips. I also get Sandra Bullock a lot. That I don't mind as much.

  15. Definitely a little bit of all 4. (But only a teeny, weeny bit of Gretchen – almost non-existent.)

    I think I have a pretty generic face.

  16. I don't see Gretchen Wilson (although she isn't ugly) or that girl with the bushy eye brows. I do see the Gilmore girl and the White Stripes girl. When I was younger I got Sandra Bullock a lot. I never saw it but now I dream about it. Now I don't get any famous people.

  17. Please don't hate me but I totally see Gretchen Wilson. She's thicker than you but there's definitely a resemblance.

  18. I'm going with #1 – Alexis whatever-her-name-is. Maybe you forgot how stunningly gorgeous YOU are!

    I don't look like anyone…my mom looks like Goldie Hawn, so maybe when I grow up, I'll look like Goldie Hawn too?

  19. Rachel,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and welcoming me to B'ham.

    I hope you don't take this as an insult (because I don't think she is ugly at all) but you do look like Gretchen Wilson or the drummer gal. I don't know that anyone has told me that I look like someone else, guess I am weird. LOL

  20. You kinda do look like that Meg White lady. I've never been told I look like anyone. But people from elementary school still know who I am, apparently I haven't changed in 20 years…hope I can say that in 20 more years!

  21. The drummer BUT they are all gorgeous women. Get past the redneck part, just look at her face, Gretchen is gorgeous too!
    I often get told I look just like [insert random looks nothing like me Asian actress like the one on Grey's Anatomy]. Although somebody did tell me that I look like Mulan once.

  22. I think you kinda look like Alexis Bledel in the 2nd picture! By the way, I LOVE Alexis Bledel, Gilmore Girls is quite possibly my favorite TV show of all time…well, except for 18 Kids & Counting :)
    I've been told by many people that I look like Danica Patrick (she's an Indy Car driver).
    In fact, my 1st year teaching, one of my students came in on a Monday morning and told me that he saw me on TV over the weekend, and he was TOTALLY convinced that it was me driving the racecar, not Danica Patrick.
    I used to be flattered by the comments that I resembled her, but she recently has been seen in several very racy commercials and now I'm totally repulsed by her!

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