All you need to teach your two year old their presidents:

– A Presidents Placemat

– Five minutes a day

– Marshmallows, nuts, Nerds, or any other type of treat.

29 thoughts on “Pre-Pre-K Social Studies.

  1. Wow she is so smart, I was in 3rd grade before I learned all presidents. I can still rattle them off in order. She is amazing.

  2. This is amazing! I still couldn't tell you all the presidents!

    Are you going to homeschool her?
    If you do, can I sign Joe up!

  3. She knows the presidents really well.I have that same place mat.:)But,my 'daughter' isn't interested in it.She's more into spanish.

  4. Wow! I didn't even recognize some of the NAMES she was spouting off, much less would I be able to recognize their faces. I loved that she kept asking "Is that a girl?" Haha. She is so smart.

  5. They are so sponge-like at this age! I need to get K started on her states. Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't teach her everything b/c she's going to be bored to tears when she goes to school. My mom teaches pre-school now (4 year olds) and she only has one girl who knows all her letters…upper case only. K already knows upper and lower…I just need to get her to start writing them.

  6. Awww. The daddy George Bush. So cute.

    Of course, I'm slightly upset that a preschooler can name all the Presidents, yet I still can not. ;)

  7. Can I send my kid to live with you so you can learn her good? That is amazingly impressive!! & to think I am just happy my kid wipes herself after she pees.

  8. We learned the presidents by last name order to the tune of ten little indians. I am now pushing 30 & know all of them in order :)

  9. Great job, Ali! Not just beautiful, but smart, too! You go, Ali!

    (I loved hearing her say "yittle marshmallows." Too cute!)

  10. I think I need one of those placemats for my grandson. My friend Susie bought him flashcards about the presidents, but I think I like the placemat better. How old is Ali? Walker is 2 1/2. Never too young to start learning these things.

  11. And I thought my Livvie was brilliant for knowing all of the Pooh characters. ;)

    That is AMAZING. BUT since we are Canadians, I will give Liv a break. BUT maybe you should come homeschool my kids. LOL

    And thanks for the marshmallow tip – you are brilliant too apparently!

  12. OMG! I just found your posts on the Presidents and the States. Your little cutie just made me smile! I am a former middle and high school Social Studies teacher so I was tickled pink. I must say she knows more than most adults. GREAT JOB mom and Ali!

  13. This is a great way to learn! I am an educator and I think this method could help children have more desire to learn since they get rewarded for their efforts…and hopefully their desire to learn will stick through out school.

  14. What’s the book about president’s she was really into called? Always looking for good books to add to my toddler’s library. Love your posts, you give me such great ideas of what to do with my lil one. Thanks for sharing!

  15. You did an amazing job as a parent and as a teacher! I am going to try and do these activities with my daughter. She is truly adorable and smart because of how much you invested in her. Thank you!

  16. I LOVE her sweet precious little voice!!! I WISH I had done this when my boys were that young!! I homeschool them and they are now 16, 13 and 11. Honestly, I”m going to use your technique to help them brush up! LOL! Hey, sweets/candy ALWAYS works!!

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