Friday night was Homecoming at our Church’s Private School, which also happens to be Chris’ Alma Mater. So we decided that Ali needed to experience “Little Football”, since she recently got her first experience of “Big Football”.

Ali was quite thrilled with the situation. Every time the fans would cheer, she would jump, wide-eyed with shock, and then start screaming and clapping. IMG_4043

I think she liked the fact that adults were acting like toddlers. Because, after all, the excitement that “big” people show at football games is, I suppose, somewhat comparable to the excitement that a toddler feels for finding a rock, seeing a butterfly, or finding a chip shaped like Ohio (and then eating it, of course, while screaming with glee, “I’m eating Ohio!!!”).

Some good friends of ours from Church sat right in front of us, namely “Missuh Gary”, someone that Ali absolutely adores from a distance, but is usually too shy to let him too close.

However, there was something about the wide open space and the fresh fall air that convinced Ali to lower her inhibitions, and within a few minutes’ time, she had moved down a row and became Missuh Gary’s date for the rest of the game:


(Miss Janey, Missuh Gary’s REAL date/wife, had made the poor decision to sit on the row below him, leaving a very open invitation for another woman to come in and swipe her date right out from above her.)

(She also happens to be Ali’s Sunday School teacher. Let’s hope she doesn’t take out her jealousy and make Ali be Judas or the Pigs possessed with demons or something equally awful when they’re acting out the bible story.)

Chris and I, of course, took full advantage of our childless situation and had a date of our own while Ali was fully entertained basking in the presence of the great Missuh Gary and mimicking the cheerleaders and the eagle:

I personally was enjoying the mental comparisons of the cheerleaders in Chris’ yearbooks from the 80’s and 90’s, with their knee length Super-Pleated skorts, and wishing that the alumni cheerleaders would attend homecoming in their era outfits.

Then, to those around us, I asked (very jokingly but maybe not-sounding-so-jokingly), “Why are the cheerleading uniforms BLACK?? Shouldn’t they be Green and yellow? What has happened to our SCHOOL??”

However, as my luck would have it, the cheerleading coach (whom I’ve never met before) was sitting DIRECTLY across the aisle from me, and was quick to jump to the defense of the uniforms that she lovingly and dedicatedly chose for the squad.


Mental note: No live, verbal blogging should take place when in public for fear of it resulting in enjoying the cuisine of one’s foot.

15 thoughts on “Friday Night Lights

  1. sounds like a good time! did you happen to snap any pics of elementary kiddos? if by some small chance you did, I'd love to collect them to use in this year's elementary yearbook! (I was playing hookie from homecoming by spending the weekend at the lake) ;-)

  2. I totally agree!!! Their uniforms should totally be somehow related to school colors! Craziness!! Ashley. ;)

  3. Luke is one thing, but this Missuh Gary is to old for Ali and married. What kind of parents are you? I do not like the black uniforms and am hopping that lady doesnot read your blog. They should be the school colors. Looks like a fun time was had by all.

  4. I have discovered that the black color of the cheerleaders' outfits correlates with the blackness of sin that has entered my old alma mater… ;) KIDDING!
    Although…. things have changed SOOOOO much from the days when we roamed those halls… in long skirts and sweaters with knee socks and white Keds. SAD! We weren't even allowed to wear PANTS! My, my….

  5. I was trying to highlight my own foot-in-mouth syndrome, not criticize the cheerleading uniforms! Y'all are going to get me in worse trouble! :)

  6. Haha, that's really weird that their uniforms weren't in school colors. We've been attending the local footballs games this year and K just LOVES it! Mostly b/c there is a playground behind the bleachers and all the kids under the age of ten play on them the whole time and don't watch a stitch of football…which means the moms don't get to either. But who are we kidding…I'd much rather stand around talking to the other moms than watch young boys beating each other into the ground. Haha :)

  7. Why was the cheerleading coach up in the stands instead of on the track with the girls? They probably hate her because she's making them wear black.

  8. No, No, No – we were sitting very close to the cheerleaders near the field – they love her!

    Gee y'all are gonna get me in trouble!!! See if I ever tell you when I put my foot in my mouth again – you're supposed to tell me how horrible I am, not agree with me!! :)

  9. Well what was her defense? lol Because clearly they should be the same as the school's colors. Everyone knows that!

  10. I have to agree with everyone else here, the black uniforms are not cool – not for SMCS! Please tell us how she explained why that was a good idea.

  11. Hey, It's "Missuh" Gary, the Bowdens and Janey and I talked about me maybe making your blog that night!! Ali was a great date! We got away ourselves to Orange Beach Thurs and came back in time to teach today sans the Callahans!

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