In all seriousness, I very nearly had a parenting meltdown last week right in the middle of Gymnastics class. Granted, that class also had the misfortune of falling right in the middle of my state of constant meltdown due to evil allergy medicines.

At any rate, I didn’t blog about it because, well, let’s face it: I was in no state of mind to be blogging about issues. But the basic idea was that Ali was completely and totally contrary and nonparticipative, ESPECIALLY if I tried to urge her to do it.

And so, my conundrum was:

She needs to obey me. At all times. The words “I don’t want to” should not come from her lips. Especially 6,543 times in 50 minutes.

However, no one wants to discipline because of something that is supposed to be fun. Especially if she was really just intimidated by her male substitute coach, as her regular coach was sick.

At any rate, I left that class a total confused and frustrated wreck.

I got wise counsel from my Mom to cut her some slack since she is rarely a disobedient child (and so therefore she was probably intimidated or scared).

We also had MANY discussions beforehand with Ali about having FUN in gymnastics, obeying her coach and Mommy, and getting pink ice cream if these things were done.

Oh – and not “missing her chance” to obey, and therefore “missing her chance” to get pink ice cream. (She’s big about missing of chances right now. Those words speak to her SOUL.)

Although Ali was very positive about her prospects of obedience, I still approached this week’s lesson with dread.

The first few minutes of stretches and such were iffy. It looked like it was going to be a repeat of last week’s Mommy-Torture.

And then, after her coach set up an obstacle course and explained what to do at each station, something clicked. Ali was excited, cooperative, and more than happy to do everything I told her to do.

As long as the (still male) coach didn’t come by. When he did, she would completely freeze in place. Even then, she still obeyed my prior threats instructions to never say “I don’t want to” – she would just go silent instead.

(I guess she learned “If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all” early.)

But luckily, her coach also learned from last week that she did better if he kept his distance and talked to me instead of her, and was very understanding of my toddler’s diva-like demands for lack of communication.

He did score major brownie points with her for putting out the PINK balance beam. Which she walked without cutting off my circulation holding my hand for the first time ever: IMG_2591

Pink. It’s a magical color.

She was nothing but a blur on the Olympic trampoline:IMG_2600


Which, by the way, makes toddlers go SCARY high.IMG_2607

And, she even stuck her legs out (semi) straight and pointed at least one out of ten toes while swinging on the bars!


Yes, progress has been made. And it’s a good thing, too, because if I’d had another gymnastics lesson like last week, I might have to find myself a therapist and schedule weekly appointments directly after her class.

Victory was sweet, for everyone:


Yes, that is a second straw for Mommy.

And yes, I MIGHT have twisted her arm and told her how yummy pink “ice cream” was through a straw because I was really craving a sorbet smoothie.

At least I still have SOME of my toddler-persuasion powers.

12 thoughts on “Victory is Sweet Like Pink Ice Cream.

  1. She is just too adorable with that leotard and her curly hair! I am glad this class was better than the last and what an understanding coach to pick up on the fear and come to you instead.

  2. yes, pink is a magical color (and even more if it is ice cream). Glad it went better this week. I bet it will get better each week. well, she is two so it might not. you just never know!

  3. I'm so glad she did better for you this week. I went through that with Mia too and you keep questioning yourself of whether or not to make them stick with it and obey or to not make them go anymore or what. But Mia is proof that if Ali sticks with it, she will start really enjoying it. It just takes personalities like theirs a while to warm up to things:)
    BTW, Pink is Averi's favorite color too so I everything in pink:) Even her medicine…

  4. Ali looks adorable. Glad it was better this go around. We've had those same experiences minus gymnastics or pink leotards.:) christie

  5. Emilee's (the then 3 yr old) coach told me not to watch. She was just out of mommy and me classes, and it made me crazy how she ran everywhere and did everything but what the coach told her. The coach told me it was normal, and to go sit on the stairs and read a book or even better, go get a starbucks! I did, and she was fine. Now that she is 4, she does well, and even helps the little ones in her class do better! She will grow into it. I am glad it was better though! (And glad you got out of the medicine induced yuckiness. Been there, done that, and it stinks!)

  6. She is TOO cute in that little outfit!

    I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who gets on-the-edge-frustrated. My husband and I have been discussing this a lot. He thinks I am too hard on her and need to just let her be a kid.

    I don't want her to feel like that, but at the same time I don't want her to be a undisciplined kid either. I don't think people understand just how consistent and on top of things you have to be w/a toddler. I guess parenting is all about learning and finding a balance, but it's good to know I'm not alone in that quest. :)

  7. Thanks, Ladies! I was SO relieved it went better also. Hopefully it will stay that way…but I'm not holding my breath!! :)

  8. So glad Ali had a great gymnastics class last week!
    That's so funny that you "tricked" Ali into drinking your kind of "pink ice cream".

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