Ali was invited to a Fairy Princess Birthday party on Saturday. The honored Princess was Abby, who was turning four. Ali was thrilled at the prospect of a party full of princesses, so we prepared the present in princess fashion and set off for Princess Paradise: IMG_3126

We were immediately rushed upstairs to the Princess Preparation Palace before we got attacked by the Pirates. The birthday girl and Head Honcho Princess herself shut and locked the door and then took over and immediately stripped Ali down and replaced her peasant clothes with rightful (though not exactly perfectly fitting) attire for a princess: IMG_3130

Speaking of Abby, her hair was magically done just as a birthday Princesses’ hair should be:

I’ve GOT to get my Mom to give me French-Braiding lessons. Although I might do better to find a teacher who doesn’t have to use all ten of their toes, both sides of their mouth and their chin create said look.

There were many princesses creating a room full of giggling and squealing girls. Mia made sure to acquire a proper steed for a princess to ride on,IMG_3132

And AJ was a Ballerina Princess.IMG_3134
Yes, it was a room full of princesses of every kind.

And David.IMG_3133

Poor David. He gets Brave Daddy of the Year Award.

After all Princesses Properly Prepared, they hurried downstairs to make Magic (albeit messy) Princess Wands:IMG_3139

At which point they proceeded to smoke the wands in a very Princess-Like Fashion: IMG_3145 IMG_3146
Some Princesses found the Wands too confining, and so went straight for the good stuff:

And then, what really goes better with Chocolate-Covered-Princesses than to play in the sand for a bit?

IMG_3154A good gritty outer coating with warm and sticky insides…nice.

After everyone was properly dipped and battered, it was time to head to the Piñata. The excited children were called forth and lined up, IMG_3169
And then we all turned and watched with horror in as several huge branches from a tree randomly started cracking, breaking, and falling onto the cars in slow motion:


After all, what’s a party without vehicular damage?

As the brave men faced the danger of more falling branches and went to survey the damage,IMG_3171

The children all waited with impatience and the women looked on with concern.


Finally, after all affected cars were surveyed and moved, the endless line of princesses (and a few princes) formed:IMG_3184

The birthday girl took the first turn – four swings per person, no blindfold. This thing should break in no time.IMG_3187

Her Princess Groupies looked on:IMG_3189

Unfortunately, it was quickly learned that Princesses have a tendency to swing like girls:

IMG_3191 IMG_3196
And although the older princesses had slightly better posture,

IMG_3208 IMG_3213

Nothing was going to be breaking any time soon.

(It is a Law of the Universe that Piñatas always last longer than adults would prefer and much shorter than kids would choose.)

So, on round two, Greg went to find the Big Guns. Ali was the first to get to try out the Aluminum bat:IMG_3223

However, a girlish swing does not fix by virtue of a bigger bat.IMG_3224

Luckily, some of the other Princesses got a bit more into it, using their eyebrows, tongues,


and even closing their eyes for added strength.IMG_3238
But ultimately, it took a Pirate to finally bust it open.

(I bet you thought we were just imagining the Pirates after us earlier, didn’t you?)

After the Pirates and Princesses gathered their future sugar comas,

We decided that they most definitely needed cake to maximize their blood to sugar ratio.IMG_3256
And so, after Chocolate Wands, Piñata Candy and Cupcakes, our brood of Princesses sat, covered from head to Princess Dress in Chocolate, sucking on their candy, completely zoned out to the world around them:IMG_3263

And THAT is the true sign of Princess Party Perfection.

14 thoughts on “Kind of Like a Slideshow…Or A Pretty Pink Princess Photographical Parade.

  1. That was the best birthday party play by play I have ever read! You go girl!

    (and the smiking wand – that was stinkin HILARIOUS!)

  2. That was just so much fun to read. You can tell that it was serious business to be a pretty princess.

    Now where do I get one of those chocolate wands?

  3. I noticed Ali still had her stickers on her arm, princess and all.This blog is the things childhood memories should be made of; a bunch of friends, a great birthday party, playing dress up and obviously great parents to do all this.

  4. This is great. Don't tell anybody, but I've get quite a kick out of your blogs, at least, the ones I happen upon….again, you are sworn to secrecy!

  5. How absolutely adorable!!! Love the wand idea! What's a princess party with out some pirates to protect them and get the job done. :-)

  6. Those were too cute! I love the pics of the pinata hitting…they look so into it! And Ali "smoking" the wand was hilarious! Looks like a magical time. :)

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