I know that blogging makes me see things in a totally different light (i.e. I’m always subconsciously looking for the humor in EVERYTHING, so maybe sometimes I over-emphasize the funny factor in my own head), but I have seen some unusually odd products lately.

Or maybe it’s just my warped mind.

Whatever the cause, I’ve been collecting some of these in photographical form, so I’m here to share them with you today.

For instance, there is an easier (and more accurate) way to prevent the need for this:
Although my Mom DID know a lady in England (when Dad was stationed there in the Air Force in the 70’s) that swore by drinking a glass of Brandy every night before her baby’s bedtime feeding for optimum sleep-through-the-nightness.

In that case, I suppose the ole’ English Mum would take one of those tests to ensure she drank ENOUGH Brandy for baby.

If that doesn’t work out for baby, then there’s always:
No thank you, I’d really prefer the DROWSY formula for my sleep aid.

And finally, maybe I just have a dirty mind (or am culturally over-paranoid), but it seems like the American Girl company is modernizing a bit TOO much. Gone are the days of innocent, old fashioned Molly McIntire. . .

Now they’re trying to look more like the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition!

But that’s nothing. What really got me. . . was. . . REALLY? Do we have to have a centerfold picture PAIRED with the term “Girl of the Year”???
Really. No need to get our daughters wanting to be in THAT sort of magazine layout.

10 thoughts on “Now Hiring: New Marketing Executives. Please.

  1. A non-drowsy sleep aid? Now how exactly does that work? Yeah, there are definitely so strange products out there!

  2. You will be happy to know that in all my pregancies I never ONCE had to take an alcohol test. Now, after they were born…

  3. oh my that milkscreen is funny. and i'm with you on needing the drowsy formula for a sleep aid. :)

  4. So what happens if you test your milk & it has too much alcohol in it for your baby…do you just starve your child??!! I'm with you on the American girl stuff, my sisters & I loved their books & dolls, and I was very disappointed last time I saw one of their catalogs, not only are they focused on all the new "hip" trends, but they had discontinued Samantha who was one of the 3 founding dolls!

  5. Very funny! And Mama Hen's comment is hilarious!

    Notice on the sleep aid, the second word in its name is "Forte". In music scores, that means loud. Instead of "You had me at hello." I'm thinking, "You lost me at forte."

  6. Yeah…. I was pretty excited when I discovered the milk screening kits. After almost two straight years of pregnancy and breastfeeding, mama is greatly looking forward to a glass of wine or two after this one is born. And no, you wouldn't starve your child if it came back too high. You would simply pull the old "pump and dump" and feed your child pre-pumped frozen breastmilk. I've given this some thought… :)

  7. I think my favorite part of the 'test-strips' is the tagline: Because Every Woman's Metabolism is Different.
    I'm guessing no-one won a a marketing award for that one!

  8. That's hilarious!! I have never seen those alcohol strips before…just don't drink while you're nursing. But I guess that's easy for me to say since I don't drink. :)

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