If you’ve been around for a while, you remember the fairy-tale-like trying on of Flower girl dresses. Well, the wedding has finally arrived. Gina is getting married tomorrow!!!

Last night was rehearsal. Ali was quite excited about her flower girl role.

The TWO YEAR OLD flower girl.

The fact that I am willing to attempt this shows you that I am willing to do anything for a good blog post how much I truly love Gina.

We’ve of course been talking this up like crazy. We even practiced dropping petals with AJ at Aldridge Gardens on Monday.

(Before the Garden police come and get me, they were ALREADY FALLEN OFF THE BUSH flowers, thankyouverymuch.)

So. We got to rehearsal, and the first thing Ali received was her basket, or, in toddler speak, her “pretty pretty purse”:

Then I put her wreath on too, and she couldn’t have been more thrilled:

We spent a good bit of time before rehearsal trying to get adjusted to the church, and Ali was sure to have a heart to heart with the bride:

Our concern #1 (out of about 965) is that Ali will refuse to walk down the aisle out of fear. So our strategy was that I would sit on the second row (possibly with candy, if necessary) and Chris would be in the back with Ali. Because Ali will ALWAYS come to Mommy, especially if she’s scared.

The downside to this strategy, however, is that it put Chris in charge of all last minute flower girl instructions:

. . . and when she wasn’t dropping her petals, HE was the one who had to give her a demonstration.
Isn’t that the best trail of pieces of torn-up paper that you’ve ever seen??

It worked. The next time she dropped one petal.
Of course she had to stand and stare at it until it fluttered to the ground.

With a bit more coaching, it appeared that she was ready for practice.
Of course, during the actual practice, she practically ran down the left-completely-petalless aisle.

Now. I must cover an important point. In all of our discussions of the wedding, I never thought to ask Gina if she wanted Ali to stand on stage during the wedding.

Or, more likely how I would have phrased it would have been, “You’re not insane enough to want a TWO YEAR OLD running, jumping, talking, possibly crying, fidgeting, pulling up her dress, sitting down, playing games, and NEVER STANDING STILL FOR A SINGLE SECOND to be on your stage on the most important day of your life, are you?”

Um, well, she did.

I of course told her that she was stark mad, but because I loved her, we could give it a try during rehearsal to let her see how completely insane she was see if it would work.

Strategy #1: Hold hands with the maid of honor.
Or more realistically: play “rosies” around and around the Maid of Honor.

And that was all before the bride walked in.

Okay. So far, so good.
A half a second later, she was in the choir loft.

Then Gina, in an effort to make this two-year-old-on-the-stage thing work, told Ali, “If you ever get scared, you can come hold my hand.”

Of course, another half a second passed, and:
But she didn’t stay long. She got back to wandering around, checking out the choir loft, talking loudly, and in general doing what two year olds do.

By this point, she was losing all semblance of paying attention.
But then again, even the maid of honor was texting from stage. So she wasn’t the only one.

However, after Ali repeating from the stage at least 50 times, “Mommy can I come down to hold you?” and finally getting a quivering chin, we ended up like this for the rest of the rehearsal:

And even THAT didn’t come without her clapping and saying “YAAAAAY” every couple of minutes, fidgeting, and finally getting in her own chair:

I think that Gina saw the light. It might have been the point at which I told her, “If you want her on stage, she WILL be a COMPLETE distraction the ENTIRE wedding. But if that’s what you want, that’s fine with me.”

So the plan at this point is for her to walk down the aisle, sit in my lap on the second row (hopefully somewhat quietly), and then walk back down the aisle holding the ring bearer’s hand during the processional.

Oh – and did I mention that the wedding is during naptime?

It won’t be anything if it’s not interesting.

13 thoughts on “Practice Makes Perfect!! . . . unless you’re two.

  1. Congratulations to Gina! Good luck with the Flower girl….they can be unpredictable at that age. My sister wasn’t going to have one but got talked into it and I think she was about 2. No flowers ever got thrown and it was up to myself and the other bridesmaid to control her on stage. Not an easy job.

  2. Awww! My daughter was 2 when she was a flower girl…and the ring bearer had just turned 3…All went well, though no flowers were dropped. She sat with her grandparents in the first row and watched all the action from there. Even if things don’t go as planned, I’m sure Ali will provide even more memories for Gina’s special day!

  3. My niece was 2 and a flower girl in our wedding (despite the wedding coordinator telling us we were absolutely nuts) and she was SO adorable and did a great job. She only stayed at the front for a few minutes and then we had her sit down in her daddy’s lap where she fell asleep during the ceremony:) Ali may do the same since it’s during her naptime…

  4. I bet Ali will do wonderful. They are 2 and unpredictable but she will definitely proved some wonderful memories for everyone!!

    When my sister in law got married she had Gracie and her cousin Abbie, both 2 at the time, to be her flower girls. I was a bridesmaid so i was already up on stage. Ryan sat up front and waited for her. Gracie would have nothing to do with the flowers on her head the day of the wedding and she did sprinkle some flowers here and there. She was unsure about all the people watching but she was precious when she stopped a few times to talk to those she did know. LOL And I cried watching my little girl all dressed up walk down the isle.

  5. Hilarious post – but your daughter is beautiful and everyone will love her – regardless of what she does or doesn’t do!

  6. Hilarious post – for those of us not weighed down by the very real potential of a worst-case scenario. Don’t worry. No matter what happens, Ali will be fine, as will the wedding.

    Harris was in a wedding when he was 3. He did fine at the wedding, despite his reluctance at the rehearsal. So I’m sure Ali will do a great job. I can’t wait to read about it and see pics!

  7. Can’t wait to see how it all turns out. I bet it will be great! You will have to give us a complete rundown.

  8. I can’t wait to see the pictures from tommorow.:)I’m sure Ali will behave herself.

  9. :) I’m just glad you are letting her be a part of my special day. If she doesn’t behave as you would like…then that’s fine… I’m not going to get angry or upset.. I love Ali way too much for that. I do hope she provides a little entertainment for the audience. :)

  10. Ali will do great! Can’t wait to read about and see the pictures! Congratulations to your friend Gina too!! May God bless your special day! :)

  11. As a wedding professional myself, I try my hardest to dissuade brides from having young flower girls on stage. Let’s just say the last wedding I did with a really young FG, she was acting up so badly that I had to yank her off stage myself. NOT what you want your wedding director to have to do.
    I am SO very glad Ali did so well! I am very proud! :)

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