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In a metropolitan area of 1.1 million people, what are the chances of seeing the same complete stranger twice in the period of two weeks? And at two different places?

Well, it happened…

Remember the blush lady?

Ashley, Ali, AJ and I were all eating at Zoe’s for lunch today. I saw her walk down the sidewalk. I excitedly told Ashley that I had blogged about her. Ashley was also quite impressed with the spackle makeup job.

THEN she walks into Zoe’s. . . orders. . . and then comes and sits two tables down from us!!!

To illustrate our closeness:
I kind of felt guilty about blogging about her because she was very sweet and smiley to the girls. . .but it was all just TOO WEIRDLY ODD TO PASS UP!!

Of course, I was pretending to take pictures of the girls. So here are some collateral pictures:

Their cell phones color coordinated with their outfits, naturally.

And AJ was also weirded out by the blush lady:
After lunch, we took the girls to Aldridge Gardens to feed our scraps to the Geese and Turtles.

The girls walked hand in hand while wearing their matching glasses. . .

And were thrilled to throw food to the Mommy Goose, Daddy Goose, and Baby Goose. . .

Just in case you missed the cute little Gosling:

This made for some very, very happy Geese. And very, very happy girls.

And of course, I was very, very happy for having had a blog post walk in the door of Zoe’s and sit down next to me.

Now let’s just hope my crazy odds don’t play against me one day and she finds my blog.

11 thoughts on “Blushingly Crazy Odds.

  1. What a fun afternoon! I bet those geese were thrilled to have you bringing scraps :)

    W.O.W at the blush lady. I have no words.

  2. I was giving the lady the benefit of the doubt that maybe she was just having a bad blush day after your first post. You, of all people, knows that it does happen to the best of us. (and we have the pic from the “Tale of Two Tessas” to prove it!)I’m sad for her to see that this is a lifestyle choice for her.

    But…at least she tries to balance the garish makeup with equally garish jewelry. Lots of bling-bling going on.

    I bet she keeps her Mary Kay lady rolling in the dough, though.

    Okay, I’m done.

  3. Okay, that is just plain strange. Very odd that you saw her twice. Do you think she is secretly following you? Hmmmm….

    Ali’s pigtails are adorable. Seriously, get me a spoon.

  4. Oh.my.goodness.

    Work that bling and blush, girlfriend! WORK IT!!!

    (Do you know that I have so, so, so many things like this that I want to blog about but can’t for fear/knowledge that the subjects of those blogs could/do read my blog. It really limits my material sometimes.)

    If you see her again, I think God is trying to tell you to do a blush intervention.

  5. the girls are just too cute!
    and I love AJs face in Zoes…its like shes saying “Yikes! Too much makeup!”

  6. lol I see you do the same thing I do and take pictures of other stuff to get to your subject.I’ve had to take up to ten photos of nothing to finally center on my subject when they aren’t looking.:)

  7. Cute pictures! The girls are just adorable.

    I am not good at wearing makeup but I hope I am not as bad as blush lady.

  8. Oh my…that’s loads of blush!

    And WHAT ARE the odds?

    It is a little disconcerting…she may read this. You have a tendency to bump into each other. :)

  9. Wow. That’s purposeful!?!? Wow. Now I don’t feel so bad about the days when I’m in a hurry and I do a quick blush job, only to notice later on my fever-like, sunburned or clownish-looking appearance! ;)

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