First of all, thank you for your prayers. Ali seems to be all better, and I, so far, have escaped contracting her snottiness.

Life has been crazy-busy this week and only promises to be even more so for the next few weeks. But in the quiet moments, we’ve had a couple of laughs, courtesy of Ali.

Ali and I were in the car Tuesday (after quite an impressive storm), and there was an AT&T truck with the bucket way up high working on the lines. Ali pointed to the men in the bucket and said excitedly, “Mommy, they’re fixing them!! The men are fixing the clouds!!”.

That night, Mom and Dad stopped by because Dad was about to go out of town and wanted to visit with Ali beforehand. He was telling her that she could email him while he was gone. This was completely surprising to her to know that she could email someone besides Daddy (which she does all the time).

She said incredulously, “I can email POP?!?!?!?”

Me: “Yes, you CAN email Pop!”

“I can email GRAMAMMA!?!?”

“Sure, you can email Gramamma!”

“I can email LINDSAY??!?!”

“Of course, you can email Lindsay.”

“I can email OREO?!!??!”

“No, cats typically don’t have email.”

“I can email ELI?!?!?!”

“Sure, I’m sure that Lindsay can pass it on. . .”

Wednesday was her first night on her new cold medicine. Thank goodness, it worked MUCH better than the out-of-date cranky meds.

However, it did have one side effect.

MAJOR sleeptalking.

More like Sleep orating.

We heard her from downstairs, so we turned on the monitor to see what was going on. She was jabbering in full paragraphs. So I went upstairs to tell her to go back to sleep, and she was laying there, on her side, eyes clinched shut, twitching, running in place, and talking away.

That’s going to make naptime very difficult to discern.

One last random story. Her favorite Grocery Store game of late is “Garbage Man”:

If you look really closely on the little seat illustrations of how to let your children ride on the buggies, that one IS approved. Because you could NEVER accidentally run over them when they decide to get off mid-ride to collect the garbage.

4 thoughts on “Ali Was Feeling Underblogged This Week. . .

  1. I’m glad Ali is feeling better! Livie likes to ride on the cart like that, as well. She learned quickly to tell me she wants off, BEFORE she actually gets off, so I don’t run her over, lol.

  2. So glad she is feeling better. I love the comment about the bucket men.

    I hope all your shower stuff goes well this weekend.

  3. Hopefully we’re all done with the sickies, since it’s Spring and Summer is coming quickly!

    She is adorable and my oldest likes to ride the cart like that, too. I remember doing that!

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