This morning while I was getting ready, Ali was snooping through my makeup and jewelry drawers as usual. She found a jewelry box, opened it, and let out an excited gasp.

“Ali found a pretty pretty ring!!!”

I looked over, and it was the ring that my Dad had given me when I was about 8.

I told her that it WAS a pretty pretty ring, and that Pop had given it to me.

She said in dreamy wonderment, “POP gave Mommy a pretty pretty ring.”

I decided that this was a good time to try and introduce the concept of family ties again, as it had never been successful before.

So I started really slowly.

“Did you know that GRAMAMMA is MY Mommy?”

She replied back thoughtfully, “Gramamma is my Mommy. . . “

“No, honey, Gramamma is MOMMY’S Mommy.”

“Oh. Gramamma is MOMMY’S Mommy.”

So to make sure she got the idea, I told her a couple more times, and she repeated it back to me. Then, right before I was about to go on to Pop, she decided to make the logical leap herself.

“So POP is DADDY’S Mommy!!!”

We’ll keep working on that concept.

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