I’m feeling very odd today. Actually, I have felt bad all week. It all started Monday with waves of nausea all day long.

Obviously, I took a pregnancy test, and it was negative.

On Tuesday, I woke up with a sore throat, fever, aches, chills, extreme sleepiness AND nausea. The nausea got so bad by the evening that I took Phenergan, which didn’t help. Which is a first.

Obviously, I took another pregnancy test. Negative again,

This morning, sore throat, aches, nausea, sleepy, etc etc etc.

Ashley graciously offered to keep Ali so I could go to the doctor.

It was one of THOSE doctor visits. You know, you go to the doctor feeling like crap, go through your long list of symptoms, fail every test that they give you (including throat swab, blood tests, and of course, ANOTHER pregnancy test), and the Doctor declares something totally off the wall like It must be heartburn. Here, try this heartburn medicine.”

It’s NOT heartburn.

But I took a sample pill just to make sure.

Two and a half hours later, I’m as nauseous as ever. And achy. And sore throat. And and and. . .

Oh. Ironically enough, “Heartburn” was also the diagnosis that they so badly wanted to give me when Chris rushed me to the Emergency Room for what turned out to be a whole lotta gall stones.

Next time I go to the doctor, I am going to preemptively tell them “It’s NEVER Heartburn!!” with as much force as Dr. House uses when he says “It’s NEVER Lupus!!”
. . . or maybe they’d get the hint if I simply had a t-shirt made?

5 thoughts on “It Must Be Heartburn.

  1. I’m so sorry Rachel that you feel bad. Keep going back until you get an answer (especially if it could be something like gallstones!).

  2. SOrry you are sick. I have been fighting a cold all week and actually called in sick from work today, but luckily nothing with nausea which I hate. I hope you feel better soon.

    P.S. When I went to the doctor the first time about my symptoms that turned out to be gallstones I too was told it was heartburn and given pepcit or one of those other heartburn drugs. So you are right it is never heartburn,

  3. After teasing me about being pregnant on FB, it would have been TOO hilarious that you were the one to turn up pregnant!

    Have you missed me??? We’ve been without phone/internet since Tuesday morning. Apparently they were repairing some cables or something…

  4. Mama Hen: I’m pretty sure it’s not gall stones, since their solution to that last time was to remove my gall bladder. . . but who knows what it was!!

    Jennifer: I have been seriously wondering where you were!!! Welcome back!! :)

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