Thankful Thursday is a weekly column where I post what I am thankful about that week, and you have the opportunity (via your blog linked into this post OR via a comment on this blog) to share your thankful thought for the week.

I have a guest Thankful Thursday writer this week!! My good friend Gina, whom I shared my graduation attendance adventures about on Saturday, is writing a very special Thankful Thursday post today:

This week, I’m very thankful for the work that God has done in my life over the last several years. I’ve had to depend on him to get through school. I thought I’d never make it to the point where I’d get my degree. This weekend though, I got got to graduate. I’m so thrilled! All the work and long nights of studying have finally paid off. I couldn’t have done it though without depending on God to get me through the tough times.

He was there when I was failing miserably at life and school after my grandmothers death. I’m so thankful that he allowed me to meet wonderful people that showed me how to depend on Him, and how to deal with the grief that I was facing. After I was able to deal with and get past the grief, I had to depend on Him to help me get through school. It was so hard there for several years after my grandmother passed away, and I thought I’d never get back to the point where I felt that I could get through school.

It took a long time for me to feel better about school after I’d let things get so out of hand. It took me longer than I ever would have imagined to finish school, but I finally did. I couldn’t have done it without God’s help. So I’m very thankful to God for helping me complete school. I graduated Saturday. I’m super thrilled. :)

I have watched Gina rise to the occasion of facing the challenges in her life and overcoming them. It has not been easy. Gina’s mother had a head injury before Gina was born, so Gina’s grandmother practically raised her AND cared for Gina’s mother. After her Grandmother’s death, Gina was left with the loss of her closest friend and the responsibility of caring for her mother. She has done an admirable job of this, and has managed to finish school while working full time. I am so proud of her, and am also so thankful for what God has done through her!
Gina blogs at Storms and Sunshine Amongst Life’s Uncertainties.

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2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. I am so thankful for Chris and Rachel. While not having children of my own they let me pretend they are mine and Ali has made my life much happier. All who do not have children will understand this much better. I cannot wait to see all of them tomorrow and have two days to play and have a family time at their home. They have taught me so much about God and life and patience and loving. They live Galatians 5:22-23 “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfuless, gentleness, self-control.” This is the standard I am setting for myself and HOPE and PRAY to be a success. kitty

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