That’s right – Ali has it – Post-Thanksgiving-Stress-Syndrome

Surely there’s a prescription medicine out there somewhere that treats this syndrome. Of course, I’m sure that the side effects include itchy arms, liver failure, seizures, and possibly death.

Maybe a therapist would help. Nah – she doesn’t have enough childhood for them to delve into to blame all of her problems on.

I guess we’ll just have to live with it until it passes.

Ali has been in major trauma all week by the departing of her family. With Daddy having been home for four days, Kitty and Leo having stayed with us for two days, and seeing some or all parts of her family at some point all four days, she is, to say the least, missing them.

Every morning, the first thing she says is “See Daddy!!!”. When I tell her he’s at work, she switches to a more hopeful but cautious voice and says “See Kitty? See Leo??”. I tell her they went home. Saddened, she says somewhat hopelessly, “See Nana! See Papa!!”. Nope, sorry honey. Then the desperate voice comes out: “See Graaaamaaaamaaa!! See Poppppp!!”.

Poor thing.

Lest you think I’m exaggerating, here is how we spent AT LEAST 30 minutes of Monday morning. She begged me to pull up pictures of everyone on the computer, so I pulled up the one of us all sitting around the table:

She’s also been a bit edgy due to her PTSS. She accidentally spilled my coke in the lap of my Bible Study teacher and her daughter at lunch Tuesday. While trying to save my cup from spilling, another lady spilled ANOTHER glass of coke in their laps.

Ali was so remorseful. She kept saying sadly, “Ali spilled Mommy’s coke!! Ali spilled Mommy’s coke!!”. She finally buried her head in my shoulder to try to hold back her sorrow-filled tears.

All of our reassuring that it was okay finally helped her accept her spilling transgression and move on.

At any rate, since prescriptions are right out and therapy is doubtful, we tried the best thing we knew. It’s somewhat akin to the nicotine patch. A quick fix. Gramamma, Pop, Nick, and Mammaw stopped by last night to bring some cheer to our sad little toddler.
It worked wonders.

5 thoughts on “PTSS

  1. Awww! How sweet. Poor thing I hope that her PTSS gets better soon. It was sweet Gramamma, Pop, and Nick to come by to cheer her up.

  2. So sweet! Your sympathetic voice was amusing. (yes, I have a weird since of humor.)

    I was on the phone with Diane when that happened!!! She had called the nursery to tell us belatedly that y’all did not need child care. Laura was in a meeting and I was in her office helping with some filing (since there were no kids to keep), so I got to answer the phone. How fun to read about the other side of that incident! Poor, sweet Ali. I’m sure that was upsetting to her.

  3. Oh poor Ali! As a child that got to see one set of grandparents once a month and the other 4 times a year (they lived 3.5 & 11 hours away, respectively) I understand and sympathize with Ali. Sometimes you JUST want to see them! :(

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