I always meant to write this post, but then I was reminded of the idea from Stephanie at Red Clay Diaries. Promptly after Steph published her post, BigMama posted one eerily similar. Except not as detailed. I am SURE that she stole the idea from Steph as well. THEN after I had written this post but before I published it, AmyG wrote one too!! Now I’m not normally one to chase after a blogging trend, but since I have been meaning to write this for forever anyway, here goes:

I have three different stat counters that I use on a regular basis to track trends and visitors to my blog. This, of course, is one of the most fun parts of having a blog, since I have an unhealthy obsession with statistics and numbers. Seriously, I should have been a statistician. A good set of numbers to run graphs and reports on (especially in Excel!!) excites me as much as football excites Chris.

One of the more amusing things that you can track is the phrases that people google that lands them on your site. And let me tell you – people will google some weird stuff!!!

Here are some search awards that I would like to hand out:

#1 All-Time Most Popular Search Award: “Toenail Art”, along with over 50 iterations of that search (my favorite being: “What to do with my gross toenail” – they should have a wonderful idea of what to do with them after reading my post!). I literally get multiple hits A DAY of people looking for toenail art. However, I’m thinking that they are looking for dainty little flowers painted on toenails, but of course what they find at my blog is three dimensional art made out my uncle’s huge toenail clipping collection. I often wonder what their reaction is to their find. . .especially the ones that search for “cute toe nail designs” – I have a feeling they might get a bit queasy.

Most Obvious Search Award: “what does the word objectivity mean” – surely there are easier ways to find the answer to that than googling it. Try the dictionary, maybe?? To go along with this one would be “pictures of objectivity”. Exactly how do you photograph a concept?

Most Surprising Search Phenomenon Award: Since I posted stories on them, I have had quite the influx of searches on “shower bugs” and “phlegm in the back of my throat”. Who knew these were such hot topics? I just got one on the phlegm one that was “glue ear and mucinex” – I’m not sure if they got glue in their ear and were hoping that Mucinex would clean it out, or if Mucinex gave them the feeling of having glue in their ear, but it sounds very unpleasant. . .

Also, Chris and I must not have been the only one to disagree about who’s who in the “Red and Yellow, Black and White” song, because I have had several searches land on this one, including “black african and yellow chinese” and “black white yellow people chineses”. I personally love the term “chineses”, although I won’t be using it due to political correctness fears. Oops, I just did, didn’t I?

Most “had to be a PhD student search because it’s so off-the-wall” Search: “day of the gods in subjective lines”. Whatever that means.

The “I was actually helpful!!” Award: “does hairspray kill roaches” . I am especially glad that I was able to directly clear this person’s question up!

And good luck to this person’s search, because I looked in vain for this picture as well when I referenced it in this post: “grease spot on couch from coming to america picture”

The “I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks so” Award includes:greta van susteren crooked jaw” and “my designer jeans ripped in half“.

The “I am SURE you didn’t find what you were looking for” Award includes: “lydia ely, little goat” and “pregnant braces i am”.

Or maybe those should get the “Were you on drugs when you searched for that?” Award.

And finally, the, please, please, please don’t do that!!! search award goes to:how to start a dishtowel chain mail“. Nobody needs 36 dishtowels!!!!

Editor’s Addition: Ironically, right after I wrote this, I got another hit from a google search that caught my attention: “Ways to ruin Rachel’s Life”. Nice.

7 thoughts on “How to get noticed finding a blog.

  1. lol.I had no idea that people find blogs by doing Googles searches.I never find blogs that why and I love doing Googles searches.Or maybe I don’t notice when blogs come up.I should be paying more attention.
    I put in weird phrases to do searches too.I would be so embarrssed if someone found out what phrase I put in.A recent search “if if if”.I came up with a lot of results for that.

  2. That was awesome. :) Yes, it seems that some strange people have searched for and found your blog too.

    And BTW, you think BigMama copied ME? Only in my dreams.

  3. Those were great! Some of the phrases that people plug in, just crack me up!

    I'll never forget the toenail art, lol. I found your blog that way, but not because I googled it. Someone else had pointed to it, on their blog. I had to see what that was about & was not expecting it actually be art made with toenails! lol

  4. Ohhh, I want to know how to see who’s been looking at my blog too. You’ll have to divulge all of your secrets as to which stat counters and info givers you use!!

  5. Jasmin – A lot of these searches were done at blogsearch.google.com – if you WERE to search for blogs, that’s the place to do it.

    Amanda – my three favorites are StatCounter, Google Analytics, and Feedburner, all for different purposes. Statcounter is my absolute favorite and I use it to see the nitty-gritty detail – people getting on and off my blog, where they specifically go, and how they get here. Google Analytics to keep up with big picture, long term trends and search terms (how I came up with this post), and Feedburner just to see how many people total are subscribed to my blog. It’s quite addicting and adds a whole new dimension to blogging!

  6. I had never read this one. These crack me up! I am trying to remember how I found your blog. I'm pretty sure it was a link off of someone else's but I can't remember who.

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