I went to lunch with Jennifer and her three kids today. We had a great time, and Ali looooved getting to see “Amy Beff”, until I was holding her, then she didn’t like it so much (she kept saying “Amy Beff Scare you”, but what she meant was “I’m really jealous of Amy Beth”).

I had asked Jennifer if she wanted to get together before she picked Harris up for school so that she only had to go to lunch with two children rather than three, which seems like it would be quite formidable to me. However, she was good with taking all three, and here are the facts of lunch:

Whose child poked a hole into the styrofoam cup and dumped water all over themselves and their mother while sitting in their mother’s lap under her watchful eyes? That would be my ONE child, not one that belonged to the mother keeping up with three children.

Who checked their phone while watching the two smaller children, and didn’t notice that the smallest was choking? That would be the mother of ONE, not of three.

Who accidentally slung squash baby food all over the booth and the back of the seat when trying to help with the choking baby incident? You guessed it, that would be the mother of ONE, not of three.

In short, Jennifer stayed more poised, more in control, less covered in water and baby squash, and less exhausted by the end of the meal than I did.

Some people are just better at handling broods of children than others. Or, in my case, some people are better at handling three children than I am at handling one.

Disclaimer to the Grandparents that may or may not read this: Don’t worry. This post is all meant in fun . . .sorta.

4 thoughts on “And You Wonder Why I Don’t Have More. . .

  1. that is so funny.. ah girl.. you got five more kids in ya! It is harder to go from one to two than two to three.. and i now believe the phrase, “once you’ve had three you could have thirty.” In the keeping up with them part. I get more housework done with three than I ever did with one. Its all just that you don’t get the luxury of that much “hover” time as you did with the one. Its all good.. you’re gonna do great..should you have more bambinos!

  2. Wow! A whole post built around our lunch together! I feel SO honored!!! And it’s all good. I was just having a together kinda day, and those are rare. I thought you seemed very poised, even with squash all over the booth and a toddler with a lap full of water!

  3. Don’t worry. Nobody’s ready to handle three kids — until they have to.

    I think it’s called survival at first. And then after awhile, it becomes normal. And I think I agree that 30 would not be much more work than 3. (Except in the laundry department)

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