Well, I figure that everyone has left blog-world and is headed for Thanksgiving world, so that means that I can write a completely randomly generated post, right?


Because I (finally) got Ali’s cold, and my mind is only working on the random setting. I started to feel like I was getting sick on Saturday, and it’s just been a slow progression. The one nice thing is that at least the phlegm is coming UP now. Maybe when I get over the cold, the phlegm that’s been hanging around so long will get the hint and leave with it!

Anyway, so it’s been a hazy week – I made the mistake of taking cold meds yesterday morning and literally and quite unintentionally dozed while Ali played. Not a good thing. But luckily for me she was completely mesmerized by the Christmas tree and the “What does God want for Christmas?” boxes that Lydia gave us that she was quite contained. But since then I’ve been laying off the cold medicines to ensure that there are no Mommyless toddlers running around.

I’ve been trying to plow through my list of to-do’s to get ready for Thanksgiving (we have out of town family staying with us and Thanksgiving dinner at our house tomorrow for BOTH of our families combined, which will be a dream come true for Ali – everyone she loves at ONE TABLE!!), but it’s been a bit hard to get anything accomplished while walking around in a sick daze.

Luckily for me and possibly unluckily for them, I feel very “at home” and comfortable with all of our family and am not going to stress if everything doesn’t get perfectly cleaned and prepared.

I did at least get SOME stuff crossed off of my list, like the ever-important “de-ladybug house” item (right below “de-clutter house” item which hasn’t gotten done yet). Am I the only person that has the mass murder of ladybugs on their Thanksgiving to-do list? By the way, for those of you curious, the death toll is up to 169. Ali is getting great lessons in higher counting by watching Mommy serial kill ladybugs. Thank goodness she knows who is responsible for them now – if she sees one, she says “Mommy get the ladybugs!!” – much better than when she was eating them last year.

Anyway, I did take some cough medicine this morning in the attempt to clear up my throat enough to croak out words. However, I’m wondering what was in that cough medicine, because I saw the strangest thing while we were out and about. It was one of those things that you see and you think “that CAN’T be what it looks like. . .” My Mom used to tell me that when she had her contacts out, her eyes would trick her into seeing the strangest stuff, and she actually missed it when she got glasses because she didn’t see the odd things anymore. I think it was like taking LSD without the drugs. Anyway, that’s what it felt like.

Back to what I saw. We were coming up a busy road, and there was a car stopped in the road with the passenger door open. There was a big black crow was standing there by the door, and it hopped in the car and then they closed the passenger door and drove off.


Maybe I took 2 TABLESPOONS instead of 2 teaspoons of cough medicine.

3 thoughts on “Pre-Thanksgiving Haze

  1. Whhhhaaaaat????? I think you must have been hallucinating. If you’re not, you are going to have to do your best at finding out what that was all about.

    I’m so sorry you’re sick and bearing the brunt of Thanksgiving at your house. I am on my way out of the cold-fog myself, so I can relate. Fortunately, I went on a major house-cleaning spree last week, so all I have to do with that is touch-up.

  2. No one cares what your house looks like, we just come to see Ali anyway. That’s very rude isn’t it? However, I am looking so forward to tomorrow I probably won’t sleep tonight. LYB, kitty

  3. I hope you feel better!

    Have a great Thanksgiving, despite the lady bugs & cold.

    Oh… and a crow riding around in vans? Hmm… me thinks you need more sleep! lol

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