Chris got us a movie to watch Wednesday night to kick off our long holiday weekend, and he was telling me about it while we were getting Ali ready for bed.

Then he said excitedly, yet secretively: “And I also got some more letter-after-O letter-after-O’s.”

(pause). Me: “P?? You got some pee pee???”

(Thoughtful pause). Chris: “Okay. I got some letter-after-L letter-after-L’s.”

Oooooh. M & M’s.

7 thoughts on “It’s Hard Work Keeping Secrets From Toddlers.

  1. Very funny and very clever. I started to spell something in front of Harris the other day and realized, “Wait a minute, he knows how to read and spell! This won’t work anymore.” Now I know how to do it! He might still catch on, so I’ll have to try it with something I don’t mind him hearing first.

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