When paired with the rest of the coordinating “Children’s Place” fall collection, this sweater looked hip, colorful, and cool. It was too big for Ali when I bought it, so I tried it again last week and it fit.

Only now, the memory of it’s coordinating collection has faded from my mind and all that I can see are the grotesquely stiff shoulders that totally look like baby shoulder pads.

And the color palette – a bit 80’s neon.

And the Zig Zags remind me of my “Crush of the 80’s” 1984 Album:
(Sad thing is, Argyle is back in style now too.)

Ok so now that you’re dying to see, here’s the sweater:
As you can see, Ali is really playing up the “New Woman of the 80’s Power Professional” by looking all serious and having Mommy’s dangly earrings hanging from the top of her earlobes. I mean, does that not look like shoulder-pad city?!

It’s one modernizing saving grace it is that it is really long.

Oh wait. Long sweaters were “like, totally rad” in the 80’s too.

All she needs now is a pair of stirrup pants and anklet boots.
And maybe some frizzy hair in a side ponytail held by a Scunci.

Ali has also been practicing her 80’s makeup application skills:
Mom didn’t understand why Ali kept putting her candy lipstick on her nose. I had to explain to Mom that when Ali gets a cold, Chris puts chapstick on the end of her nose at night to counteract the chafing from us wiping her nose all day.

Therefore, Ali thinks lipstick goes on her nose. With her garish makeup application skills and Saved-By-The-Bell-esque sweater, she would have “like, totally” fit right into the 80’s.

4 thoughts on “I Swear That This Sweater Didn’t Look Straight from 1986 When it was Hanging on the Rack. . .

  1. Actually, I don't think it's that bad. Maybe it looks different in person? I love the bright colors & the ripple pattern.

  2. That is so funny. I do that all the time. Buy soemthing and then by the time it fits them, I don’t like it (as much) anymore and I’m like “what was I thinking?!”:)

  3. I am cracking up at that album cover – especially since I just saw him in concert with my crush, Steven Curtis Chapman. They have both improved over the years!

    Amy Beth was wearing a sweater that I felt the same way about the other day. Someone gave it to me when I had Harris (I guess they didn’t think the purple flowers and pink stripes made it look like a girls’ sweater)and I’ve held onto it for the last 5, almost 6 years for some reason. So it’s neat that I finally have a daughter who can wear it, but it does look like something I would have worn in grade school.

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