(I just woke up, and feel almost completely back to normal! Yay! What a difference a day makes! I just wish that Day hadn’t been my birthday. Oh well – I’ll have a redo tomorrow – and really try to psych myself out that it’s the 9th!)

Well, regarding Ali’s winnings (or really Ali’s Daddy’s winnings in Ali’s name) I took all of your advice into consideration, but ended up doing exactly what Chris suggested I do with Ali’s $50. Because I’m submissive like that and all.

I had been wanting to get Ali a toddler chair for quite some time, but couldn’t do it, being that it seemed impractical. So Chris suggested that I use her winnings to do that, as Chris has a very fun philosophy of using unexpected money for things that we would not usually buy (for instance, our tax rebate earlier this year bought him a new TV and me a new dishwasher. Mine was needed, his was fun).

So, Ali and I went to Target on Wednesday and bought her a chair!

She insisted that I take them all off of the shelf to try them out before choosing one.
The only one I didn’t get down for her was blue corduroy, because, let’s face it, I wasn’t buying that one. But it bothered her that she didn’t get to try it out as well.

My precarious buggying of chosen chair:
And Ali wanted to try it out in the back of the car to show off for the lady who had parked next to us in the parking lot and was giving Ali quite the attention:Here she is at home, trying out her chair.

And, for the record, the tag is still on it, just in case she doesn’t end up liking it and just continues to say “Mommy Hold You. . .”

3 thoughts on “What To Do With a Toddler’s Gambling Winnings:

  1. Ali looks so cute in her chair.I hope her sippy cup was empty.And that’s a nice cat you have.I love cats.

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