Remember my birthday a couple of weeks ago? You know, that day that I spent deathly ill. . . yeah that one. Anyway, as part of my birthday surprise, Chris had ordered me my favorite kind of cake, a carrot cake – a large – actually huge one –
from a wonderful Birmingham bakery, Edgar’s.

The plan was to take it to our small group that night and share it with our friends for a mini-birthday-party. Well, being that there was no way I could get off the couch, let alone go to our small group (not that they would have wanted me there), my birthday party never happened. But so as not to let a pricey pre-ordered bakery-made cake go to waste, Chris picked it up on his way home that day.

Well, being that I was quite ill, I didn’t want any until late that night, and I had a very small piece. Then the next day, we left to go to Kitty and Leo’s. So when we got back, the cake was already a bit hard and stale. I ate another piece, but it kinda reminded me of being sick, so. . . .
it sat in our fridge until today.

And got harder and harder and staler and staler.

Then we had to bright idea to take it to the chickens when we picked Ali up. At least it would make for some super-sweet eggs. And since Ali took stale Panera Bagels to them the day before (she is really obsessed with the chickens right now), we figured their tastes might have gotten distinguished and would prefer a bakery cake to their chicken feed.

So we gave a hunk of it to Ali to give them:
And it went like this:
One bite for the chickens. . .
And one bite for Ali (who didn’t find it stale at all):
Which made for happy chickens:
And a happy Ali:
These eggs are gonna be GOOOOD next week:
If you make a Carrot Cake with eggs made from Carrot Cake, is it a Double Carrot Cake?

2 thoughts on “A Poetic Conclusion

  1. Oh my gosh- I love carrot cake!! And that is what MY hubby surprised me with at small group this year on my birthday!


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