We are at Kitty and Leo’s house this weekend enjoying my BIRTHDAY. Yes, we didn’t let that nasty stomach bug keep us from coming to the beach. Nosireee. We are here, enjoying every minute of it!

I will write a more extensive blog about tidbits from our trip later, but since it’s Saturday, October 9th (AKA my BIRTHDAY) and I felt like doing this blog first, I did! Because it’s my BIRTHDAY and I get to pick everything!

(and no, you don’t have to correct me on what day it is. I am well aware that today IS the ninth of October. If YOU’RE confused about what day it is, please read this public service announcement.)

So Ali and I went out and played in the yard this afternoon right before her naptime. The weather was absolutely perfect – the wind was blowing slightly, the clouds were out, but it was still 77 degrees. Perfect.

If you ask Ali what we were doing outside, I am sure that she would tell you that she and Mommy were having a fun playtime, consisting of jumping on Mommy’s stomach (a bit risky considering the last few days), pushing Mommy into the grass and then pulling her back up while stretching out her shirt completely, (over and over), playing “Gittchoo” (chasing Mommy around), and in general frolicking in the yard.

(Yes of course Ali would have used the word “frolicking”. Why do you doubt me???)

If you ask ME what we were doing, I was enjoying playing with Ali, but I was also enjoying a very fun photo shoot. The weather and lighting were perfect for it. Since I know less than nothing about adjusting for lighting / creating good lighting (or photography at all), I have to “happen” into good photo shoots, and today was one of them.

So here are my favorites (some are even – – – ARTSY!!! – – – now granted, that was probably due more to Ali’s wiggling than to my creative abilities, but I am still going to take creativity credit, because, you guessed it, it’s my BIRTHDAY!!). Also, a few more can be found over at B-Sides if you’re interested.

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  1. happy belated bday! your little one is gorgeous!

    thanks for posting my story on 5 minutes for parenting. I sent a few people with funny stories your way:)

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