You are 27 today, and it certainly doesn’t seem like 10 years have gone by since a 17 year old walked into the SMCS 6th grade house on a Wednesday night and changed my then-22 year old life forever.
You are a faithful friend,
a playful companion,
a gifted ministry partner,
a beautiful woman,
a captivating girlfriend,
a wise wife,
a passionate lover,
a loving mother,
and most recently a dedicated employee.
You are intelligent, entertaining, and a comfort to me every day.

You have obviously given your life long ago as a canvas to Jesus Christ, and you bear the brushstrokes of a Masterful Artist.
I love you now and will forever. You are a perfect gift from a gracious God and I will never let you go.
Thank you for saying Yes!
Happy Birthday!!!

4 thoughts on “** Happy Birthday to Rachel from Chris **

  1. That’s the sweetest thing ever. Rachel is so lucky to have you. As you are lucky to have her. :) :) I’m glad I’ve got Rachel for a friend. She’s changed my life too for the better. :) Happy Birthday Rachel. :) :) I love you.

  2. oh cut the sap! (Ha that rhymes with what I was going to say)..

    I am totally kidding.. Chris you are as sweet as you have always been and yes you did a great job pursuing that 17 year old in the 6th grade house.. ha! You guys are an incredible couple and I love the wit that both of you have and of course the pickin’ and grinnin’ you guys are able to throw down.

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