If you didn’t read my post last night, you will want to read it first, as this is a sequel.

So the rest of my crazy day went like this:

2:50pm – Mother-in-Law shows up to keep Ali while I go get a haircut (about 6 months overdue and desperately needed. Starting to look a bit like Amy Lee or Amy Winehouse. OK, Thankfully not like Amy Winehouse).

3:20pm – Haircut at Hair Reflections – AWESOME salon – fun, yet inexpensive (depending on who you pick). They even have massaging shampoo chairs and funky disco lights. Fun.

3:40pm – I tell her she can cut off 5 inches. She looks at me like I’m crazy and asks, “are you SURE? I don’t want Chris coming and killing me.” I assure her that I think he’ll be fine, but since I know it will be another 6 months until I make it back, she might as well whack it.

4:20pm – Haircut is over; thinking to myself that my M-I-L is going to be disappointed if I come home so soon, especially since Ali was asleep when I left. Decide to depart from the day’s itenerary and swing in the new, much anticipated MAC (makeup) store at the Summit.

4:25pm – since I have no fast-fingered toddler with me to sample all of the makeups (I’m very rarely toddlerless during the day), I allow one of the girls to show me how to do eyeshadow (a weakness of mine). Sat in the chair and stared at myself while she did it. Mental note: Shirt is stretched out (thanks also to toddler) and is terribly unflattering. Must change when I get home. Thank goodness (or not) for mirrors.

4:50pm – head home. Greet toddler, she shows me the fun she’s been having with Nana.

5:15pm – Feed toddler while preparing brownie tray for tonight. Start out with just brownies, but quickly realize that the tray looks too empty (and I couldn’t use them all, I had to leave some for hubby). Find Hershey’s Hugs in the pantry to fill in the gaps.

5:40pm – Greet wonderful hubby, run upstairs to help him bathe Ali, then I get ready, and leave to go to the first thing I’ve been to by myself since early Spring.

6:50pm – Show up at Sophie (of BooMama Fame)’s house for a blogger get-together, featuring a home concert from Trent Monk. Sounds fun! Sounds great to meet new bloggers!

6:51pm – Walking up to door, and all of a sudden, myself screams at me in a harried run-on sentence, “what are you doing you hate meeting strangers and you hate casual social situations in which you have to make small talk – ESPECIALLY with strangers – your only saving grace is Chris who is awesome at it and he’s not here – you’re DOOOOOOOOMED turn back now turn back now turn back NOW!!!!”

6:52pm – After considering the above (and finding it completely valid), I push through and go inside anyway. Greeted by Sophie (And by the way, I MUST say, Sophie is not only an awesome blogger, but an impeccable decorator!! I absolutely loved the color palette and her taste in art. It was awesome!), meet Trent, start to try to find people that look open to small talk and desperately think of what to say.

7:15pm – doing pretty well but feel like I’m the only one there who doesn’t know at least one other person. However, I am talking to several people, which is HUGE for me. But still feel like I’m in High School group at Church again – desperately wanting to go stand in the corner and watch but desperately wanting to not look like “THAT” person, so attempting to meet people and make conversation. I do plan on writing a full blog on my social inabilities sometime.

7:20pm – A break! Hallelujah! Trent starts his set of music. It was fun, he was hilarious, and he had some great songs – one I have even heard MANY times on the radio called “The 21st Time”. I may blog more about Trent at a later time. He said he was going to read all of our blogs to see what we said about him, so I have to put the carrot out that I will write about him again to make him oh-so-curious :) Here’s Trent playing:
8:20pm – Oh no. Concert over. Now the real socializing begins. Scared. Scared. Scared.

8:45pm – Group pictures of all of the bloggers:
9:00pm – Did well, talked at length to a few more people. This is a huge step for me. Even handed out some of my nifty blog cards!!! :
About to leave. Then I start talking to Kim because she knows someone I know. Then as we start talking, we realize we know dozens of the same people. She went to high school with my husband!! So we talk for quite a while. It was fun, and I didn’t actually feel awkward for the first time that night! Success!!! I will definitely start frequenting her blog.

9:30pm – Actually head home.

9:50pm – Quickly get part 1 of this post up for my paranoid adoring fans.

10:00pm – Sit on the couch with Chris and catch up about the night, watch TV while feeling like I have the energy of a slug.

phew! Now THAT was a Crazy Hectic Fun Nutty Day!!

9 thoughts on “CHFND Part 2

  1. Oh my goodness. I don't know if I am more excited about those brownies or having that concert (I love Monk & Neagle!)


  2. Yea!! MAC is open, I must go!!

    I am with you on social settings, we should just be wall flowers together. ;)

    So glad that you had a fun crazy day!

  3. First of all, I commented today and it never showed. (pout) I enjoyed meeting you last night–it’s really a small world! I didn’t know you made those brownies but they were divine! YUM!
    It was great talking to you and I’m sure we’ll bump in to each other again!

  4. Rachel – you are quite funny in your recap of the day. You had a lot going on yesterday. I never would have guessed that you were contemplating not even going to Sophie’s. You seemed natural! I enjoyed meeting you and wow – your daugther is so adorable – what amazing eyes. I look forward to reading your blog. Take care, Bethany

  5. :) I read your blog! You're right, you had a busy day. I'm glad it was just being busy & not going to the ER! Thanks for catching me up…I'm off to blog # 2!

  6. I know EXACTLY what you mean about feeling like you are in the high school church group again. I hated that mingling, social time. So awkward! I got around it by going to the singles group at the time and hanging out with Preston.

    I still have issues with random socializing. Good for you for facing your fears!!

  7. I’m so sad that I missed this, but being sick always comes at the most inopportune times. :(

    Looks like y’all had a blast!

  8. Oh, I know all about the social anxieties. I get headaches. You did great and it was lovely to meet you!

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