Today is my day to jump back into life with two feet. . . although my jumping abilities are still a bit awkward.

My pain level has lessened a good deal, but my belly still looks like I was in a battlezone and is swollen in such a way as to make me look like I gained 20 pounds over the weekend. And of course my stamina level is still lower than the OSHA minimum energy requirements to keep up with a one-and-a-half-year-old.

Ali has been looking at me oddly from every direction, trying to figure out why I’m not her usual energetic Mommy:
Ali and I headed up to work today to pick up stuff so that I can hopefully catch up for my two missed days during Ali’s nap, and I’m sure I made a sight – wearing pants two sizes too big (one size to compensate for the swelling and one size to compensate for my gag reflex at anything binding on my belly), and attempting to retract and insert a 26 pound child in and out of her carseat without having her knees digging into my stomach.

One thing is for sure – no one was whispering that they really suspected that I got liposuction instead of having my gall bladder removed. No, that is pretty obviously not the case. Although if my belly doesn’t get back to supporting itself, people might start whispering that I NEED liposuction. I’m certainly starting to feel that way myself.

Also, I’ve not taken any pain medicine today for obvious reasons – Vicodin doesn’t mix well with driving and caring for a toddler. Nor does the anti-nausea medicine that has to accompany it. However, I am having a bit of trouble putting my words together in this post now, so Jennifer, maybe it was the pain PILLS, and not the pain, that you thought made me a better blogger ;). Maybe I’m like Dr. House – he’s supposedly a better doctor on Vicodin, maybe I’m a better blogger on Vicodin.

However, if that is the case, the world will never know.

Speaking of Doctors, here is Doctor Ali, insisting on taking a look at her patient:

5 thoughts on “Weak Attempts at Normalcy and Blogging

  1. She gets cuter and cuter with every blog posting…and every time I think it is not possible for her to get any cuter! But she does!!!

  2. She IS adorable!
    Hang in there. I think as a parent – I mean, mom – it always feels like it takes longer to recover from anything, just because we are so anxious to be the mom and wife we need to be. A few more days of taking it as easy as you can with a toddler in tow won’t hurt anything.

    Oh, and thanks for mentioning me again! I love name-recognition in all forms! Really, though, I think what make your posts so good is that God was strong and using you in your weakness. Not that He doesn’t normally use you, but when we are weakest is when He can show Himself strongest. That doesn’t sound like I want it to, maybe I need some Vicodin… :)

  3. It will get better I promise. I know it doesn’t feel like it right now but it will and then you will be able to keep up with Ali again.

    If only my doctors were as cute as Dr. Ali

  4. I hope that you feel better, and thinner, very soon. When I had a C-section, it seemed like DeLaynie had to be trying to hit, bump, and dig into my tummy as much as possible. You’re doing great keeping everything together, though! I’m sure Dr. Ali is a huge help in making it all better. :)

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