It’s time for Thankful Thursday again!!

Well, today is my surgery day. I am thankful that God answered my prayer for a clear diagnosis and treatment! I am hoping to be thankful tomorrow for a successful surgery with no complications!!

And, as always, reason #374 that I am thankful for this stage in Ali’s life:

She loves to be “hepful”.

When we go to the grocery store, there always seems to be a few things on the floor – I actually never even noticed that there were always groceries in the floor, but apparently this is quite normal. Anyway, every time she sees something on the floor, she loudly proclaims, “OH NOOO!!”, tugs on me and runs to the out of place item. She picks it up and puts it in it’s correct spot (assuming she can reach it), then looks up beaming and says, “Ali Hepful!!”. Last time we were at the store, this was repeated FIVE times.

Last night, we were heading upstairs, and Ali stopped at the second stair and looked in the living room. She said, “Teebox! Teebox!”. I didn’t understand, so I let her head off, hoping to understand what she was doing. Then I realized, and I was shocked: we had not put her toys up in her toybox before heading upstairs, and she was going back in the living room to do that. And it wasn’t procrastinating from going to bed, because she LOVES going upstairs for her “wash wash”.

However, being that she has a bit too much “Detail orientedness” in her, thanks to her good ole’ Mom and Dad, she DOES take this clean up thing a bit too far sometimes. We take a walk every afternoon, and without fail, when we pass sticks on the road, it’s, “OH NO!!! TRASH!!”, and when we pass the Muscadine branches where there are always a bunch of smooshed muscadines on the road, it’s “OH NOOO!! MUSC-DINES!!!”

I KNOW that this won’t last forever, so I am EXTREMELY thankful for her current helpfulness!!

SO – what are YOU thankful for this week?? I can’t wait to find out!! Write a blog and link it in using Mr. Linky below, or comment it on this post!!

I look forward to your posts and comments cheering me up tonight when I get home!

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4 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. I completely agree with you. I love that too. Sawyer is very “Detail oriented”. Anyone who knows me knows that I am not and Sawyer keeps me on my toes. Everything you said in your post is just like him….it’s fun. That’s what I’m thankful for. I’m hoping when he gets a little older that he will keep my house clean. :)

  2. First off I wish you well with your surgery and I will be praying all goes smoothly.

    I am thankful for the day off work tomorrow although I have a 3 hour drive ahead of me to visit friends and attend the wedding of one. I miss my friends and it is hard being so far away from most of my closest ones. So I am very thankful that I have friendships that can last through long distances and times when we don’t get to see each other often (Lindsay included). They are a big support group for me and are more like family than friends.
    I am thankful for my family and all that they do for me everyday even the little things like taking me to pick up my rental car so I don’t have to pay to park at the airport.
    I am thankful for my strong faith in God and his will so that when problems come up I know that everything is in his hands and I just need to let him handle it.

  3. I am only commenting to say, “I remember those days.” The boys are still good helpers, they just need a LOT more encouragement to use their skills than they used to. Harris, too, is a detail-oriented person.

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