Ali is still at Gramamma and Pop’s, and Chris is at work. And I am being a completely lazy bum. Just thought you’d like to know. I’m playing on the computer and getting caught up on everyone’s blogs. I should be working if I’m okay enough to play on the computer, but then I wouldn’t be being a lazy bum. And I’m definitely being a lazy bum. But I bet I start to feel guilty and pressured to get some work done soon, and I will give up my bummy ways.

I’m in some pain, but it’s not too bad! I haven’t taken any meds but Tylenol today, which I consider a good sign. Although I probably do need a little of something, but I’m not in the mood to be puking, so I’d have to take Phenergan with it, and I’m not in the mood to be knocked out. I’m in the mood to be a lazy bum. So I’m just a VERY SORE lazy bum.

The doctor said that my surgery went well, but that my gall bladder was very “sickly” – it had lots of scar tissue from all of the gall stones (which, by the way, Chris DID ask for some of the gall stones on the front side, but either they forgot, or right out denied his request. So poor guy, he doesn’t have anything new to add to his “Collection of my Wife’s Body Parts”. My foot bone will stay lonely – hopefully for a while. I don’t like this trend of having a body part surgically removed every other year. Or every year if Ali counts as a removed body part).

The Doc also had to make an extra incision (incision number 5 – between these incisions and my c-section, my belly is going to look like a battlezone) because my liver numbers were high – he was afraid I had a gall stone blocking it as well, but apparently not.

And, I should totally become a hospital reviewer. I have now had five surgeries in five different Birmingham hospitals. Yesterday was St. Vincents. It was the first surgery ever where I have felt NO nausea, so that gives them five stars in the puking department. But the waiting room was so crowded and loud, it felt like an airport terminal. It made me very uncomfortable for even the few minutes that I was in there, and so I really felt sorry for Chris having to be in there for so long.

PLUS they kept making these announcements over the loudspeaker, “Would the McAllen family please come to the front”, and you were afraid to look for fear that they were about to get bad news. And sometimes, they would say “Would ONE member of the McAllen family come up front” and I wondered what the difference was – did they bring just one member up if they had to fess up to amputating the wrong leg? Or what?

So, I’m back to being a lazy bum. If you haven’t watched the short little video on my last post, you should. It is STILL making me laugh out loud every time I watch it. And you can’t blame it on the meds, because I don’t think Tylenol makes things excessively funny.

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  1. It’s okay to be a lazy bum today. :) You could be lazy and still look through resumes. Just a suggestion. :) :) Not sure if you got my text, but Nell finally sent the ad out yesterday afternoon. :) I hope you have a good lazy day. Get to feeling better.

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