Ali is to the point now where she will repeat ANY word (and sometimes phrases) that we say, and will especially repeat any word (and sometimes phrases) that we tell HER to say.

Sometimes (I would dare say even most of the time), they come out as clear as a bell, like the other day when she told me “I’m going to miss you!!”. Other times, they sound like something completely different, but still as clear as a bell.

And anytime there’s a “clear as a bell” mispronunciation, it is always amazing that it is not just some innocent sounding mispronunciation. No, it always seems to be crude.

Between the words eyes, salt, fork, purse, bench, sit, shirt, and clock, Ali has quite the amazing vocabulary of seemingly not-such-ladylike-language.

Plus, she added a new one last night that includes one of my least favorite words in the English language. At dinner, we told her to say “I’m Smart!”, and she looked up at us beaming at this compliment and started repeating “I fart! I fart!!” over and over.

Clear as a bell, of course.

And loudly.

Of course, it doesn’t help that anytime anyone hears her say any of these words, they laugh.

Thanks, guys.

And don’t be blaming me if I made you think of all sorts of dirty words. YOU’RE the one who had to go and figure out what it sounded like she was saying. At least you don’t have to hear them all multiple times a day.

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