A conversation that took place between Ali and I yesterday:

Ali laid her head on my lap, then looked up with a troubled look and said, “no no fuss.”
Me: “What’s the matter? What do you need to fuss about?”
Ali: “Mouf hurts.”
Me: “Your teeth hurt?”
Ali: “Uh huh.”

. . . so for moms with screaming infants or whining babies, they will be able to communicate what is bothering them very soon!!

. . . and for moms with screaming two year olds, I’m sorry it’s over! But I hear it DOES get better, I just don’t know from experience. Sorry. :)

Ali and Daddy taking a break during Daddy/Daughter playtime last night

3 thoughts on “Reason #371 that the age between 1 and 2 is AWESOME!!

  1. Is she teething? Poor baby! but at least she could tell you. I like how she knew she shouldn’t fuss either. How cute.

  2. Congratulations! Because very few one year olds can actually communicate that well. Actaully, I have only known one…well Ali makes two :)

  3. Yup, she’s teething. I think babies teeth continuously from 6 months to 6 years old!! Then they lose them all and start all over!!!

    Thanks, Brooke!!

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