So yesterday afternoon, I wanted to play with Ali. Or read to her. Or something interactive. But she would have none of it. She ignored all of my attempts, would crawl out of my lap after the first phrase of a book, and kept walking off to the kitchen to play with the doors.

So I finally got out my computer and started blogging about Guantanamo. As soon as I sit down on the couch with my computer, she comes in there, starts bringing me every book that she has and wanting to read them (which we did, awkwardly, and she actually wanted to read them all to the end), then crawls up in my lap and wants to “ride to town” (ride the horsey down to town, watch out horsey don’t fall down. . .), points to the guitar and says “play guitar”, etc etc – basically every interactive thing that we could do. All of these things are very difficult to do with a computer in my lap.

So I go put up the computer so that we can play.

Then, *boom*. She goes back to ignoring me and playing with the kitchen doors.

How do you get a toddler to play with you without an object of jealousy in the way??

2 thoughts on “Playing with a Toddler

  1. Um..easy..bring her to the office and let her play with you while she plays with ME. :) hahahaha. :) Honesly, I don’t know. My cat’s that way though…she ignores me till I have a computer in my hand, then she wants me to give her tons of attention. It’s frustrating. Hopefully she’ll grow out of this phase. The computer is nothing to be jealous over. You love her much more than it.

  2. My kids do that too:) They will be playing happily on their own until I get on the phone or computer then they want my attention!

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