We got home around lunchtime today, and as we were coming up the stairs, Ali was saying “Eat! Hungry!!”. I dropped her in the kitchen to play with her magnet letters for a minute while I went to my office in the next room and dropped off my shoes, purse, and mail and checked my email really quickly – what everyone has to do when they get home, right?

I got back in the kitchen (where she had been being really quiet), and found her standing very still next to the trash can with her back to me, doing something very intently.

Can’t be good.

I hurried over to see what she was doing, and discovered that she had managed to get an orange off of the kitchen table and was peeling it and putting the peelings in the trash!!

I guess she’s watched me enough to know how to peel an orange, but I was quite impressed that she had managed to break the peel with her teeny fingernails to get it started!

Here are the pics:
Putting the peelings in the trash:
Very intently peeling the orange:
Smelling the fresh orange blissfully.
This is how much she got done before giving it to me and heading over to try and get ANOTHER orange to peel.
I am proud of her that it occurred to her to try and be self-sufficient rather than whining! And obviously, I fed the child well for lunch!!

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