Ali is so much like her Daddy in every way. People say that she looks like him (even though I think she has more of my facial features), she is so very careful like him, and she loves her alone time like he does.

I was bemoaning this fact to Chris the other night and said, “I can’t think of one personality trait that she has that’s just mine yet. Can you?” And he couldn’t think of one either.

But I finally have found a characteristic that she got from me: mischievousness!!

My Mom always had to keep me busy when I was a kid or I would pick on my brothers out of boredom (See?? That’s why I stay so busy now!!).

I have always loved playing practical jokes (the red kool-aid in the shower head on our missions trip, although not original, sure was fun when Mrs. Hayes got in the shower!!).

And I love messing with people’s quirks.

For instance, Chris’ Aunt Kitty, being much like Chris, is particular. If you move something half an inch, she knows. I learned this early on in Chris and my dating relationship, and caught onto the game of “turn Kitty’s figurines around and see how long it takes her to fix them” and took it to a whole new level. I probably drove her crazy.

Well, payback is fair game, I suppose.

I charge my cell phone every night via a surge protector in our dressing room. Ali is just barely tall enough to reach the on/off switch on the surge protector. For a while she played with it, and I let her because I would always hear what she was doing and remember to switch it back.

But she’s really upped her game now. I think she’s caught on that I always fix it and therefore it must bug Mommy, and so she’s gotten sneaky. She doesn’t play with it anymore (and thereby call attention to it), but once a day she manages to sneak it off without me even seeing her. For the last four or five nights in a row when I go to plug in my cell phone, it hasn’t worked. I almost haven’t realized the surge protector was off a couple of times, and “not” charged my phone all night.

On Saturday, I happened to see her out of the corner of my eye. She’s getting really quick at it, and when I saw her, she tried to act all innocent. Now remember, I haven’t told her she can’t do this – she’s just messing with me!!

Yes, Ali got my mischievousness. What a good trait to get!! :D

2 thoughts on “Finally: Proof that She’s My Child!!

  1. Yes, payback is fair game Miss “I didn’t do it” when you came to my house. She is so sweet and innocent looking, like her mother, but that’s the ones you watch. The “aunt kitty”

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