Why is it that toddlers are more clumsy when they are sick with colds? It seems that they fall over more easily and they run into things more often.

So that makes them cry, and of course since they have a cold, crying makes them leak out of every facial orifice possible. Eyes are more watery. Nose is running down face, into mouth, and out the other side. Since they can’t breathe through aforementioned nose, mouth is open and is also leaking profusely.

By the end of a good cry, their faces are 100% moisturized with a lovely mixture of tears, snot, and spit (and blood, if the clumsiness was THAT bad).

Which makes it pretty much impossible to avoid their coldy-germs.

But no matter how much their faces are covered with millions of germs, they are still so irresistible.

Ali is spending the night with my Mom tonight, of which she was very, VERY excited about. Sometimes I think that Gramamma must be much more fun than me, seeing as how unbelievably happy Ali is to see her and how sad she is when she has to leave, but Ali reassured me today that she holds a very special place in her heart for me.

We were moving all of her stuff over from my car to Gramamma’s, and of course Ali was so excited to go to “Gramamma House!!! Gramamma House!!”. I hugged her and kissed her and said “I’m going to miss you!!”, and she hugged me, then looked at me and said “I’m going to miss YOU!!”. She repeated her new sentence to me about 15 more times before she happily drove off with Gramamma.

It’s nice to be loved and to be missed, and to have your 18 month old daughter’s longest sentence ever to be in the effort of telling you so.

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