I always feel like my videos of Ali are way too “Mommy Bloggish”, but every time I put one up, at least one person always says I need to post videos more often. So, for friends and family who are out of town, and anyone else who enjoys videos, here are two from yesterday at the Botanical Gardens.

The first one is Ali asking for a wet wipe for her hand. This was actually the first time I’ve heard her refer to them as wet wipes, they’ve always been “Yuck”‘s before (apparently the term she heard associated with them the most). Her new obsession with cleanliness is quite convenient, especially since she has a cold right now – she’s a little less opposed to me cleaning her nose, especially if I use a wet wipe. Plus, when she wipes her own nose and then has a hand dripping in snot, she actually ASKS for a wet wipe to “ceen up”. Very convenient!!

The second video is just of her running down the path and talking to me – “dis way” is her favorite phrase when out and about on her own. At the end, she says “hold you” – she got tired and wanted me to hold her. Notice she still has the wet wipe from 20 minutes earlier – she was bent on the mission of cleaning the whole Garden.

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