While we were out and about today, we saw two different sets of “fundraisers” with signs and buckets at intersections. I don’t get this. What happened to the good old days of having a car wash or selling doughnuts to make money for a cause? If I’m going to give money to a cause, I either, a) need to be well aquainted with the cause I am donating to, or b) need to be supporting someone “working” for the money.

a) All of the people we have seen out lately have had signs saying “support missions”, or something equally vague. Missions of what? Missions of destruction? Satanist missionaries? I would much rather support my own Church’s missionaries that I know who they are, where they are, and what they are doing. Can you be more specific please?

b) Since when did standing at a streetcorner with a bucket and a homemade sign become a legitimate way of raising money? Is the new wave in fundraising “everything I learned about fundraising I learned from the homeless”? Not to be insensitive, but if it worked, they might not be doing it anymore. Plus, they’re taking away from the homeless people’s possible revenue streams by hogging all of the busy intersections.

If you want me to support your cause, please either explain it to me, or show some effort in earning it. Just a thought.

4 thoughts on “Where did all the fundraisers go?

  1. Kids around my area still do car washes. Either that or they sit up at Walmart and beg for money. :)

    I agree though they they need to be more clear and also be doing something besides holding a bucket out if they want to raise money.


  2. Preston (the police officer) says a lot of times those are scams. Without a permit of some kind, it’s still panhandling, which is against the law. You would be doing everyone a favor by reporting them to the local police the next time you see them. And it will make you feel better, too!

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