I’m back home and am slowly sloshing my way through all of my tons of work emails while Ali naps, and found one that made me smile. I get all notifications of people out sick since I handle HR issues, so I received this simple email from an employee:

I won’t be in today…..stomach virus.

then at the bottom of the email:

No virus found in this incoming message. Checked by AVG Anti-Virus Software.

Thank goodness it’s not transmittable through email.

2 thoughts on “reassuring

  1. Looks like ya’ll had lots of fun at the beach! Loved the pics! Just wondering though, were the jelly fish bad while ya’ll were down there? They were really bad a few weeks ago when we were down there and we are hoping to go back but only if they aren’t bad.

  2. Well, we didn’t spend a WHOLE lot of time on the actual beach, but in the two times we did go out there, we only saw one. They seemed a lot better to us than they were three weeks ago when we were there. But who knows if they are evenly dispersed on the coast – they may be really bad at one condo and not at another one. . .

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