You know how some people are so unique that it makes you say, “now THAT person is quirky!!!”?

Well, I would like to announce to all of you, that you are ALL quirky.

Before you freak out and leave me angry comments, let me say that quirks aren’t a bad thing – they are what make us unique. They are just the ways in which we view and approach life differently than most people.

Chris and I were discussing some very quirky friends of ours (sorry, no names) late one night, and due to the lateness of the hour, meandered into the conversation of “who do we know that isn’t quirky at all?” So we started naming everyone we could think of . . . friends, family, acquaintances, etc, and could name a quirk for every single one of them!! Yup, we couldn’t think of a single quirk-less person in the whole world!!

Now, I’m not going to “out” our friends and family’s quirks, but some of our (many) quirks include:

Rachel: obviously my love and affection for all things accounting, budgeting, numbers, and SPREADSHEETS; my extreme perfectionism and fear of doing anything in front of anyone until I can do it perfectly (examples include that I played guitar for several years before I played in front of ANYONE but my teacher and my Mom and by the time I actually played for anyone else, I was good enough that my first performance was a solo in church, and also that I never learned how to dive because it’s not exactly something that you can learn without anyone seeing, unless you have your own pool); my complete inability to sleep without any covers on (It feels completely unsafe for some unknown reason); and while we’re on the topic of sleep, how about my sleepwalking quirk?!!? And I’m sure that about 75 of the 100 random things about me would qualify as quirks.

Chris: He wears shorts ALL YEAR ROUND, even to work; His obsession with everything being “just so” (examples: I never help him set up chairs in Sunday School because He will come behind me and adjust each chair by as little as a millimeter, and every night he cracks our bedroom door by the exact same measurement – enough to let the cat in, but shut enough to not disturb Ali. If I move the door, whether he sees me do it or not, he WILL adjust it. He never complains about me messing up things, he just fixes it); and his complete obsession with looking at real estate magazines (especially when we’re on vacation).

Ali (yes, even Ali is quirky, poor thing. She didn’t have a chance since she has such quirky parents): She doesn’t like to get out of bed!! It’s so weird – I’m pretty sure that she would lay happily in her bed all day long if I would let her. I will go get her, and she will dive into the other corner of the bed and say “bye bye!”. I think she’s just playing with me, but sometimes I wonder. . . ; and her whole overly-cautious thing – how she refused to walk until my Dad told her to, then walked perfectly. Oh yes – and her favorite foods are vegetables. She yells for cooked broccoli. And tomatoes. And cooked carrots. She definitely did NOT get this trait from her Father.

Our House: We LOVE our house, but what house doesn’t have quirks? Our house’s quirks are that all of the plumbing runs through the living room walls, which is the farthest room from any plumbing fixtures, so every time a toilet flushes or a sink comes on, it is really loud in the living room. And the stairs – my goodness the stairs. We have THE CREAKIEST stairs in the whole wide world.

Oreo: For a while, she actually liked walking on a leash. Also, one of her favorite past times is licking people. I guess her quirk is that she thinks she is a dog.

OK – your turn!! What are your quirks? Or your kids’ or your spouse’s? And yes, you can point out more of our quirks if you like, as long as you’re nice. ;)

7 thoughts on “Quirks

  1. I have one of the same quirks that you have. I can’t sleep at all without covers. My mother gets so mad at me b/c I’ll bury myself under the covers and turn the air on so that I don’t get too hot. But I feel safe and cozy under the covers.

    Lets see. I have a tendency to be super air headed even though I’m smart. :)

    I don’t like shoes at all. I’d love to go barefooted forever. :)

    Oh, I can’t sleep in socks at all. That drives me NUTSO.

    I have a tendency to knit pick about small things even though they don’t bother me. I just notice something and I have to say it. (this drives alex mad sometimes)

    I prefer to have my legs propped up when I’m sitting down.

    I can’t think of anymore right now.

    I know I’m quirky though.

  2. So I’m not the only one with the blanket quirk. I can be burning up hot in bed and still HAVE to have the covers…I guess that is quirky, bc I don’t like to have pants on my legs at night. It has to be a blanket. Hmmmm…

  3. Wow I have to many name. But a few are :
    I can’t stand having dirty or sticky hands. If I am cooking I am constantly washing my hands and I keep wipes in my car and purse so that I can wipe my hands.

    I have to have covers on me to sleep but I have to have one foot outside of the covers.

    I don’t like shoes really I love going barefoot.

    I am an insominac there are times when I can’t sleep no matter what i do.

    I am sure that there are more but I can’t think of them right now.

  4. Wow. . .so it looks like the cover thing isn’t a quirk. I’ll have to replace that quirk with. . .
    I slam the toilet lid. It drives Chris nutty. I don’t think about it, and I don’t mean to, but I always do.

  5. #1) I hate having dirty feet! If I’m wearing sandals, I go out of my way to stay on pavement (or indoors) because I don’t want to chance kicking up any dust or gravel into my shoes. If I do, I must wash my feet immediately – even if this requires me to buy a bottle of water to pour over my feet. This is also why I’m not a beach person. You can never get the dang sand off your feet. AGH!

    #2) This is a weird one. If I’m holding J.C.’s hand, I have to touch the very depths of his finger crevices. Sometimes he’ll close his fingers just enough so that I can’t reach the crevices just to drive me crazy! I have a weird thing with crevices in general. If I’m going up a stairwell, I like to run my fingers along all the nooks and crannies in the hand rail (I don’t do this when I’m with people – I don’t want y’all to think I’m a weirdo…)

    For J.C…
    1) He likes all the cards in his wallet to be in a specific order and turned a certain way. I get a sick pleasure out of rearranging them when he’s not looking :).

    There are others for both of us, but I’ll keep them to myself! :)

  6. I had a hard time thinking of some quirks that I have, but late last night it hit me – as I was doing it. My quirk is that I hate for my bed sheets to be all askew. When I was a kid and would have a friend sleep over, we would make pallets in the floor because it drove me crazy that the bedspread would get messed up whenever the friend rolled over. (I had perfected the art of rolling over without unduly disturbing the covers.)I thought I had outgrown it, but last night when I went to bed, I noticed that the comforter was almost to the floor on my side of the bed and that Preston was hanging on to just a corner of it. I got out of bed, went around to his side, and adjusted everything to be even. One could say that I was just being a loving wife and making sure that he had enough covers, but I know the truth. I’m not as bad as I used to be about it, or else I would have never gotten married, but apparently it’s still a quirk. I noticed my oldest, Harris, apparently has inherited it, because almost every night he asks me to fix his covers so that they are even on both sides. You would think all this means that I keep our beds made. Nope! When I get out of bed, I just make sure everything is even and smooth, but it doesn’t have to be made.

  7. G’Ma with quirks????can’t be. You know how I want things facing because your the one that turns them around to see how long it will take me to notice. And I flush toilets twice because I want to have clean water in them. Love, k

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