So Ali and I decided that Daddy’s Birthday (tomorrow) was the perfect time to start off her art career.

Ingredients: Old bedsheet, garbage bag, bug spray, four colors of finger paint, canvas, swim diaper (didn’t end up using – you’ll see why later), a FULL box of wipes (don’t leave with a half empty box for a project like this!), a FULL roll of paper towels, already stained shirts for everyone, bug spray, towel, camera, and a random ball that somehow made it into our sheet-package of goodies. Also a swimming pool (do not bring out until art is complete, so as not to make the artist wish she were swimming instead of painting). Art is NOT low maintenance.

Relish the cleanness of this scene.
Ali thinks that the jars of paint are innocent little blocks. OH just wait.
She starts out VERY timidly. Not sure if she likes being messy, looks up and whines every now and then. “Mom, are you SURE I’m supposed to put my hands in this??”

Starting to get more comfortable with the idea.
Learning the technique of WIDE brush strokes.
Two-handed painting is the best way, right?

You must get your full body into the motion of the paint.
Starting to realize that it is also fun to paint oneself. . .
Up to the wrist in the paint jar.

Kiss the art. Love the art. Become one with the art.
Crawl onto the art.
Bum art.
Gotta taste the paint, and apply it to ALL toes.
The artist posing with the finished piece of art. Happy Birthday, Daddy!

The destruction.
Getting clean in the pool!!
Showing Daddy his present!!
Daddy is thrilled!!!
God decided that He would like a hand in the art as well. It started raining before we realized it (and the painting was drying on the deck), so it now also has spots of water art. It just adds another dimension to the artwork! The NOW finished product:

11 thoughts on “The Making of Art

  1. So are you going to hang it in the living room for everyone who visits you to see?

    This was really funny by the way. :) :)

  2. Ali is such a GREAT artist! I think it should go right beside the pics of the little girl & little boy in your living room!

  3. That was a very funny blog. Cute! The picture was just beautiful. My personal favorite moment was love the art. Become one with the art.

  4. I loved this post..I couldn’t stop laughing. I loved the little comments on each picture: bum art, become one with the art etc. TOOO CUTE!! You have an artist on your hands!! AND I bet God was laughing too..that’s what the rain drops were..His tears from lauging so hard at His precious little child enjoying herself! :)

  5. I’m SO glad you all loved the post! It was a fun experience. As far as where the art will be displayed, Chris took it with him to work this morning. I’m not sure if it was just to show off or if that will be it’s permanent home, but it is his art, so he gets to decide!!

  6. What a treasure you will have for the rest of your life! She did a fantastic job and so did God! So glad you remembered the camera.

  7. Your daughter is adorable. My grandson loved to finger paint at that age, too, and now he likes to paint with acrylics when he comes to grandmas. It’s a fun activity for us!

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