Today is our last day, and we are SO glad we decided to stay through today, because it was a BEAUTIFUL day! It was the first day that wasn’t overcast, so it was great weather to be in the water. Here are a few pics from today:

Headed out to the beach:
Ali and Daddy!
Building Sandcastles. . .

Trying to help Daddy with his sandcastle. . .
The whole scene. . .
Ali didn’t like her feet being in the sand. So she would balance herself on her butt and hand, and lift both of her feet off of the ground.

Still keeping those feet out of the sand. . .
She loved the waves lapping at her feet, but I don’t think she liked the sand slipping out from under her feet when the waves went back down, because every time a wave left, she would say “foot” and do a Karate Kid stance. . .
in the waves with Daddy!
Sitting on the piggy bank back in the room:
Ali finally got braver today, and would “scoot” off the side of the pool into the water (meanwhile, AJ is jumping off and laughing). She enjoyed her scoot-jump for quite a while, until we pulled out the video camera, then she quit. So, no video of her scoot-jump.
It’s so interesting to watch the girls and how they experience the world differently – they are always affected by everything in the opposite way. For instance, Ali LOVES being in the waves, but AJ didn’t want to be near the waves. AJ LOVES the pool and jumping in, but Ali was very skittish in the pool and was easily scared by getting water in her face. They are great for each other because they encourage each other to branch out – just like AJ has helped Ali walk better, and Ali has helped AJ talk more. They are such great friends! Last night, Ali woke up at some point and was calling out for AJ. They will be so sad to wake up and not be around each other in the morning!

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  1. So, doesn’t that little story just make you want to rush out and have another child for Ali to interact with?? It should. :) :) Then she’d always have a sibling to help her “branch out.” I’m glad you guys are having fun. :)

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