I have had two significant (to me) blogger events lately. No, no one has recognized me off the street and said “I know you!! I read your blog EVERY DAY!!!”. [sigh] A girl can dream.

Significant Event #1. I had a hit on my blog referenced from a blog that I didn’t recognize (which does happen semi-regularly, and I always go to the blog, then say “oh! I didn’t know that person was reading my blog! How cool!!”). I clicked on the link, excited to see who was referencing my blog, and Blogger rudely tells me, “You do not have permission to see this blog. You must be on the author’s reading list. You need to submit a request to the owner of the blog to be added to their reading list.” AUGH!!! What frustration!! How will I know who it is to request to be added? I have arrived. I am referenced on a blog I can’t even see. Don’t do that to me, people!! You know curiosity kills me!! I love to be referenced, don’t get me wrong, but don’t keep me from knowing who referenced me! :)

Significant Event #2. I had someone message me on facebook and say that they started a blog because “jealousy of my nice blog was driving them mad”!! Awesome!! I am glad to be a good influence to convince more people to take up this honorable task. I remember the three people whose blogs inspired me, and am so excited that I am now on someone’s blog inspiration (blogspiration??) list!!

Next significant event (should happen by the end of the week): My 10,000th view!! Blogging is so fun – it’s so objective, like me!! :)

Whoo hoo!! Maybe soon someone will recognize me off the street!! :)

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