Ali will be 18 Months old on Tuesday, so we went ahead and did her portraits today. She did good!! Not as good as she did at a year old, but we had to wait a lot longer, and the cameraman didn’t exactly endear himself to her by picking her up from behind with no notice to put her back where he wanted her. That would have been fine if one of us had done it, but not a stranger. I don’t have to worry about a stranger ever sneaking off with my child, that’s for sure. My Mom came and helped Ali smile as usual, which is a TOTAL lifesaver – I can’t imagine getting pictures made without her help!! Here are the best shots (more will be on facebook – you can click the link to get to them, facebook member or not.):
Evil little laugh. . .
Family pictures!
Ali and Daddy. . .
Ali and Mommy. This pose looks so grownup to me. . .

Showing off her piggies!
Raise the roof. . .

When the cameraman picked her up.
Getting a hug from Gramamma to make it all better:
Fun in the chair!


Kicked back in the chair. . .
Having a serious talk. . .

All in all, I’m happy with the pictures. They were kind of busy today, so they were more rushed than usual, which resulted in us thinking of a few things we would have liked to do after it was too late, but oh well – there’s always next time!
p.s. – do you like my new title picture? It was about time!

2 thoughts on “Ali’s 18 Month Portraits

  1. What a beautiful little girl and family you have. I love the new title picture.

    p.s. I don’t blame Ali I don’t think I would like a stranger picking me up from behind without warning either.

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