Ali turns 18 months tomorrow!!!

She had her 18 month checkup and shot today, and she did great! Of course she cried for the shot, and oddly cried for having to sit on the scale, but other than that, she did great! She greeted Dr. Amy with a “Doctor Amy HEY!” and then when she left, said “Bye bye Amy”, and talked a good bit to her during the visit, including a very polite “thank you” when Dr. Amy was done poking her, and told her that her necklace was pretty. All in all, she made me look good ;).

Her stats are:

Weight: 25 lbs 8 oz – 75th Percentile
Height: 33 inches – 85th Percentile
Head: 49 cm – 97th percentile (she used to be waaay off the charts. Thank goodness the charts have caught up with her big head!)

As I did at 15 months, here are pictures of me, Ali, and Chris, all at 18 months:

2 thoughts on “18 Months Old!!

  1. I’ve always thought she favored Chris more, too, but I never thought she looked “just like him”. But after seeing your baby pic, I think she does look just like you! But there is something about her that makes her look like Chris. I saw your 15 month blog about the “feature”. I was not into blogs at that time, so what was the answer. Is it Chris’ nose, or forehead? (Those are my 2 guesses.)

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