My blog has been very busy lately with important news like toenail art, men in trees, Eli coming home, morale boosting, political game shows, and spies. Because of that, I haven’t just put up many family pictures lately. So, lest I get kicked out of the “Mommy Blog” club, This is just a simple post of pictures and snippets from our weekend.

Ali was IN LOVE with her Daddy all weekend – attached to the hip!! Here are some pictures of the two of them at Esther’s beautiful wedding:

However, I’m pretty sure she still loves Mommy, too :)
The whole family!

Ali found her second favorite man, Pop!!!
After the wedding, there was much dancing!

The beautiful bride and her groom:
Ali and Pop!

And Ali and Nick!!
Ali playing in the grass, in spite of her dressed-up-ness:

Ali went home with Gramamma and Pop after the wedding, and Chris and I had an AWESOME date. Isn’t it amazing how going to a wedding can totally rekindle romance?? It was a great date of reconnecting and feeling lovey-dovey-newlyweddy :)
Today after church, we had lunch at our house. Eli’s first outing! (I think). It was great to have him as a part of our family lunch!

Sleeping soundly:
Eli with his Great-Grandmother Mammaw:

Mom’s “light” Greek lunch. Delicious!!!
Eli still just hanging out. . .

Finally starting to open his eyes!!
Ali insisted that Nick read to her. She loved it!

Eli all awake now!! He was so cute!!
Wigglin’ around:
Ali giving Eli a second chance after her bout of jealousy Wednesday night:

Eli cuddling with Mommy:
“But Gramamma, you belong to ME!”

Calling all her friends to tell them about her new cousin stealing her Gramamma.
“AJ! Help!!”
Eli Hangin’ out again:
Daddy had to get some work done this evening. You can see how everyone left him alone so that he could get it done!
Oreo is ALWAYS jumping onto his drawings. This time, he had two people that kept wanting on them. Ali kept saying “up!”, and she did NOT want to get off of Daddy’s drawings. But luckily he was able to finish up after her bedtime :)
All in all, we had an AWESOME weekend! Much family fun was had by all!

7 thoughts on “The Weekend in Pictures

  1. I absolutely LOVE all of your pics!! (and your blog for that matter…) I actually get to see Eli tomorrow night…I am SO excited!!

  2. cute pictures of the family. I am glad to see Eli is getting out already. Ali looked very cute all dressed up for the wedding.

  3. Thanks everyone!! I’ll keep in mind that survey says that you guys like picture blogs, even if I don’t have a ton of entertaining stories to go with them! Good to know!

  4. okay..
    greek salad.. YUM! I want one
    bryce and esther.. great picture!
    Ali calling AJ for backup.. hilarious.
    pictures of Eli.. adorable.. i can see more fat in his cheeks.. seriously.

    good pics girl!

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