Are you having one of those days where you wish you were at the beach? Well, Ali’s here to help. Here’s a video clip of her having the time of her life in the surf. Sit back and let her take you to the beach with you. Or let her make you wish you were at the beach even more, depending on if you’re a glass-half-full or glass-half-empty type of person ;)

(I’m totally bummed that I had to change the video type to put it on here, because the quality of video on my new camera was really good. But it’s not nearly as good now, but it is 9 meg instead of 111 meg!!)

3 thoughts on “Take a break at the beach. . .

  1. Thank you for that bright spot in my really hectic day. I do wish I was at the beach and that was the perfect little pick me up.

    I also lpve how all water birds are ducks.

    She is just the cutest!!!


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