OK OK, Obviously homeschoolers made it to reality TV long ago on TLC thanks to “Kids by the Dozen” and the Duggar Family shows, but now they’ve made it to network reality TV!!

So Chris was working and I was blogging last night, and we had the TV on in the background – the “wholesome” show “America’s Got Talent”. You know – they have all sorts of extraordinarily random acts like a breakdancer sliding all the way across the stage on just his head, a girl shooting sparks off of her, umm, outfit, and a 55 year old lady dressed up as a fairy and singing quite poorly. Then, all of a sudden, we saw someone we recognized!! Or, I suppose I should say, many someones. The Taubl Family comes out on stage!!
We were first introduced to the Taubls several years ago when they performed at our church. They are a traveling homeschool family consisting of Mom, Dad and their 50 kids (really 7 I think, but that sure feels like 50 kids!!) that all play symphony instruments and sing BEAUTIFULLY. We own their Christmas CD, and it is definitely some of our favorite holiday music. They are quite the straight-laced-looking homeschool family, so it was shocking to see them come on the stage right after the very poor Ozzy Osbourne impersonator and right before the 12 gay cowboys doing some sort of stripper dance without the stripping. Bizarre. BUT – the Taubls made it through!!

So – the Taubl’s are headed for Las Vegas – where all good homeschool families go on vacation! I’m just imagining all of the backstage conversations they’re having. . .

1 thought on “Homeschoolers have MADE it to reality TV!!

  1. Ahhh! The Taubls!! I LOVE that family/singing group!!! Yay for them! I have their Christmas CD, too, as well as a couple of others. I hardly ever watch TV anymore, please let me know when they will be on again if you find out!

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