The girls are having such a great time (as are we), that we’re debating whether to try and get a good deal on one more night since our condo isn’t rented for tomorrow night. Here’s the latest pics:

AJ and Ali getting ready for dinner with their matching bows. That was quite thrilling for them!
At LuLu’s, sharing food. They eat much better when they eat each other’s shared food than when they eat their own food.
I love this shot – it looks mirror-image. . .the einstein tabletoppers, the cups, the bows, the direction they’re looking. . .

So excited about riding side by side in the car!
Ali and Daddy at the ocean. Ali hated to walk on the soft sand, but as soon as we got out to where the waves were coming in, she insisted – “WAK! WAK!”
Playin’ in the sand. . .
All wrapped up!!

AJ and Daddy!
The Callahan’s. . .
The girls and their beloved Daddies!
AJ and Mommy. . .
Lovin’ the surf!!

Kiss for G’Ma Kitty, who came to spend a little time with us!
All the Callahan’s. . .
The Spurlings!
We just got a really loud page in our condo saying we were under a tornado warning. . .very strange. A good storm is brewing out over the ocean. . .cool to watch. Both girls are napping, so we’ll watch the storm.
p.s. – I have a couple of videos that I will start the upload on, so stay tuned!

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