I had to make dessert for dinner at our house tonight (celebrating Father’s Day with Mom, Dad, Mammaw, JC, Lindsay, and Nick). Ali had just gotten up from a nap, so she wanted a “snaaack!!”, so I gave her one. I delayed and left her in her high chair as long as possible so that I could finish up dessert, but she kept telling me matter of factly, “ah done. ah done.” So I finally got her out and put her down and started hurrying my dessert making, knowing that she was going to need entertaining or she was going to start climbing the stairs or something very soon. However, she went to her bookshelf, picked out a couple of books, brought them into the kitchen, sat on the floor and read, page by page, the whole time I was making dessert!!! Ah, the wonders of a self-entertained child!!

On a sad note, though, Eli will not be coming home tomorrow. :( He had another heart rate drop today, so it will be another five days. Please be praying for JC and Lindsay, as this is crushing news!! And pray that Eli will stabilize completely and be able to come home as SOON as possible!!!

1 thought on “A bloggable moment, and a small update on Eli

  1. very cute. She must have sensed you needed her to be still and quiet while you finished up dessert.

    I am sorry to hear about Eli :( I had such great hopes he would get to come home for father’s day. I will continue to pray for you all. I know that it is an emotional roller coaster ride for everyone.

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