You remember my blog about my uncle’s art made from his toenail clippings? I know, I know, you’ve had nightmares about it ever since. How COULD you forget?

The same weekend that I posted about it on my blog, Leo and I decided to find out how much his toenail art was worth on the wacky and bizarre market, so I posted it on E-Bay. Now, Kitty would have absolutely killed both of us if we sold it, so I put a reserve price of $1,000 on it, thinking that surely there was no one THAT wacky and bizarre. I put the beach scene up, and then a separate listing for the sunflower. I put several pictures up, and here was my description on the beach scene:

Beautiful five piece beach scene! Features three different species of crabs, beach reeds, and palm trees, all made out of toenails. The gold crab piece can be worn as a brooch!! Original and unique art – completely one of a kind!! These toenails were saved for over a year to make these art pieces!!!

Well, unfortunately, all the crazies of the world didn’t find the listing. The beach scene was “appraised” at 60 cents, with free shipping even! However, for the record, there were 8 bids from 4 different bidders. The Sunflower? Although it had one bidder, it only stayed at 1 cent.

So, after the “official” way to appraise the wierd and wacky, toenail art didn’t go as high as I thought it might. Maybe it’s just because the right people didn’t find it. Like, for instance, the Golden Palace Casino – they’re the ones that buy all the bizarre stuff on Ebay (Like the piece of toast with the Virgin Mary on it), and will pay a pretty penny for crazy stuff!!

However, my other motivation for listing it was the hope that Jay Leno’s producers would find it and put it on the Tonight Show segment called “Stuff we Found on Ebay”. Maybe, just maybe, it still will make it on there. They never show stuff until after the listing has ended anyway, so they can play their “Sold or not Sold?” game. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!!

If you want to check out the listings, here are the links:
Beach Scene

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